Learn how to embed innovation within your organisations in this highly practical course

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

It’s increasingly important for researchers to be part of business innovation, and to demonstrate that insight can be the inspiration for changes that deliver a commercial return.

This ‘learning by doing’ course provides an overview of innovation approaches and finds a role for insight professionals in delivering or participating in innovation projects.

It covers how to use customer and market insight to drive innovation within your business, designing innovation projects and using research to identify opportunities, create customer empathy and stimulate creative thinking.

Learning outcomes:

  • Design an innovation framework which is relevant to the problems, challenges or opportunities faced by your business
  • Set the context for innovation and identify opportunities for the business to innovate
  • Create customer benefits through a full understanding of their needs
  • Enable fresh and creative thinking to deliver new ideas
  • Create new product/service propositions and enhance existing ones

Who will benefit:
Experienced client-side insight professionals who are keen to become more involved in driving innovation and change, as well as experienced agency researchers who want to help clients use insight to drive innovation.

“Helping to break the cycle of sequential thinking to drive innovation, but keeping insight at the heart. ”

Elizabeth Lane, BBC Audience
13 September 2016

“Very helpful and interesting. ”

Neha Malhotra Maleri, Tesco
13 September 2016

“Practical, technical and focused. ”

Maria Garcia, Tesco
13 September 2016

“A day well spent! ”

Alicja Furmanczyk, Ipsos MORI
13 September 2016

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