Apply the principles of big data and analytics to marketing challenges

During the industrial revolution, oil was crucial in enabling mass production by powering low cost transport and labour-saving devices. Today, we live in the information age where data is the new oil.

Data has become one of the most valuable resources on the planet, which explains why brands that leverage it effectively – like Google, Apple and Microsoft – are so successful. But just like oil, raw data has to be extracted ethically, refined and distributed before it can be used.

This accessible and interactive course provides an introduction to the key principles of big data and analytics, and a taste of how they are being applied to marketing challenges. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed – each topic is explained from first principles. You will gain deeper expertise and confidence in the subject, as well as the ability to identify opportunities for using big data and analytics within a research portfolio.

Learning outcomes:

  • Become oriented in the world of big data and analytics – including origins and current trends
  • Get a comprehensive ‘jargon-busting’ guide and the confidence to have conversations related to this area
  • Understand how and when big data can be used to answer research questions today and in the future

Who will benefit:
Everyone, regardless of seniority or expertise, who would like to become more familiar with this rapidly evolving field. The course is designed for people who have come across the topic in the context of market research or marketing but want to understand more about what it means.

"Very informative session with a good communicator."

Phil Reilly - Critical Research, May 2023

"It was very enjoyable and easy to follow along with."

Ajib Molajo - National Savings and Investments, November 2022

"Really useful and interesting."

Nemisa Clarke - Publicis Media, November 2022

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