Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, delegates should know how to:

  • get started and cope with nerves
  • work with a discussion guide
  • use stimulus materials
  • deal with difficult respondents
  • understand and be able to apply:
    • the basic theory of moderating
    • some good practice tips
    • the principles governing effective group dynamics
    • the principles governing the effective use of body language

Key points

  • this training will involve moderating real respondents
  • delegates are given individual feedback and tips for improvement

Who will benefit?

This course will benefit trainee qualitative researchers, quantitative researchers who undertake some qualitative research, planners who may be required to conduct groups and clients who have a hands-on role in data gathering


Spectrum Viewing Studio
25 Gloucester Place,London,W1U 8HT

More details of the venue can be found at their website. Visit it here.

Kenny is a Director at CSR and has worked in Research for over 16 years. His specialist research areas are fmcg, international and financial research. Responsibilities include project management, moderation, analysis and presentations.

He is a highly experienced moderator, frequently tutoring moderating skills courses for the Market Research Society.

Whilst a UK based researcher, he works across all markets, especially developing and merging markets.

Clients include Unilever, Lloyds Banking Group and British Airways.

Additional Information

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