Understand the role of qualitative research and the basic methods involved

Learning outcomes
  • Qualitative research, its role in contemporary research and its general application
  • The process of planning a qualitative research project
  • The stages involved in the qualitative research process
  • How to select an appropriate approach
  • Interviewing and methodological techniques
  • How to apply interviewing skills
  • How to process and analyse data
Who will benefit

 Researchers who are new to qualitative research, as well as buyers and users of research.

"Ruth was fantastic; she created a relaxed learning environment and ensured we all remained engaged throughout the day."

Katie - Rock Kitchen Harris, September 2021

"Really enjoyable and informative course."

Koyel Nandi - ENGINE, September 2021

"Listen to Ruth and fall in love with Qual research."

Kshitija - Simpson Carpenter, September 2021

"Really valuable and well presented."

Hamish - BVA-BDRC, September 2021

"As someone starting out in research, this course was extremely valuable. Ruth was super passionate and enthusiastic and research which made the course really enjoyable. I came away feeling really inspired, and would highly recommend!"

Rosie Noble - Gymshark, April 2020


Ruth Clarke is a freelance qualitative researcher. She has over 10 years’ experience gained at HSBC Bank and as an Associate Director at Outlook Research, where she managed a broad range of projects for bluechip clients, in the areas of finance, advertising, publishing, telecoms, utilities and transport.

Additional Information

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