Learn the theories and methods that inform approaches to research

This course enables you to understand the basic methods of statistics and sampling, and how they can be used to inform and refine approaches to market research.

It provides an overview of the principles of statistical and sampling practice, covering sampling theory and summarising data, as well as standard errors and significance testing.

Learning outcomes:

  • Sampling theory
  • Sampling practice
  • Summarising data
  • Sampling distributions
  • Standard errors and confidence intervals
  • Significance testing
  • Determination of sample sizes

Who will benefit:
Researchers who wish to gain a basic understanding of statistical and sampling practice. It is also relevant to those looking for a refresher course on the use and interpretation of statistics and sampling.

By agreeing to participate in this training course you also agree to download any software application(s) that are required for the fulfilment of the course.

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