How to lead engaged, focused and high-performing teams.

Overview & objective

Leadership is arguably the biggest challenge for, and hottest topic in, the business world today. A Google search produces nearly 19 million results. But what is ‘leadership’ and who are ‘leaders’? This interactive, highly pragmatic workshop will give all participants an opportunity to improve their own leadership ability by first finding their own definition of ‘leadership’. It will enable all to drive the implementation of their organisation’s strategy through learning how to lead their own engaged, focused and high-performance teams.

Subjects covered will include:

  • The role of leaders, and high-performance teams, in implementing & driving organisational strategy
  • The difference between leaders & managers
  • Different leadership styles
  • Leading from inside – emotional intelligence & the need to build one’s own ‘leadership story’
  • Communicating the message – translating one’s vision into bold, tangible steps
  • Creating & maintaining high-performance teams
  • Leading through change and difficult times

Learning outcomes

On completion, participants will:

  • Have critiqued their own leadership style and skills, understanding & defining ‘why should anyone be led by you?’
  • Appreciate the range of styles and skills within their personal armoury
  • Have developed a clear, focused & well-articulated personal vision
  • Understand the importance of personal & organisational values to the creation of that vision & its communication
  • Know how to harness team energy & drive commitment to a common cause
  • Have developed greater confidence so as to make bold & swift leadership decisions, particularly during times of change
  • Leave with tangible action plans that, once implemented back at the workplace, will make a real difference to their own performance & that of their team

Who will benefit?

Anyone who needs to deliver concrete business results through confident, courageous leadership – whether they are new to senior management or more experienced and wanting to MOT their leadership performance to date.

“An Interesting insight into the vast theory of leadership.”

Ian Moreton,  Mintel International Group
07 December 2016

“Great value & very practical.”
Ana Perez-Finney,  Merck KGaA
07 December 2016

“Very helpful and actionable.”
Laura Arthur, BrainJuicer Group Plc
07 December 2016

“Great & friendly.”
Carine Guillou Fame,  Kantar TNS
07 December 2016

“A concise guide to effective leadership.”

Andy Sangster, BT

“I’ll go back and work more closely with the team and play to their strengths.”

Jan England,  England Marketing

“I will put it into practice in day to day work with colleagues and more strategic planning.”

John Cassidy, The Big Picture


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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