These days technology becomes more advanced every day. We refer to the internet of things; our phones, cars, fridges, and whole houses communicating with us. All kinds of devices being fed by data in real-time, not requiring human-to-human or even human-to-computer actions to help us make our life easier, and choices more accurate and efficient. 

This technological progress puts a lot of strain on the marketing research industry as well. We have to be able to offer smart solutions, similar to what interviewers and respondents are familiar with and use on a daily basis. It is more and more about being able to make your questionnaires SMART. 

Who will find it interesting
This webinar is for you if you:

  • Want to convert collected data into information instantly, e.g. being able to recognize the sentiments or topics of your respondents’ answers while the interviewing process is “live” 
  • Want to use insights in real-time to offer your interviewers or respondents the most appropriate and relevant questions
  • Would like to instantly and in an automated way make use of data, pushing the information to the ticketing system, CRM or other 3rd parties tool your team or your clients use. 

What will you learn

Based on a simple NPS questionnaire we want to inspire you to unlock the full potential of your data by using:

  • Voice to text recognition in open text questions
  • Real-time NPS verbatim analysis
  • In-survey sentiment analysis
  • Detect themes in real-time
  • Trigger actions such as sending an email, posting a review, creating a support ticket
  • Auto-translate survey responses

All of the above actions can be triggered automatically based on any given conditions allowing for greater immediate actionability.


Malgorzata Mleczko (Nebu) has worked in the IT environment, in advertising, marketing, and market research for over 10 years. For 4 years with Nebu. Passionate about translating technology into business values, and inspiring colleagues and clients to go beyond the comfort zone.

Rudy Bublitz (Digital Taxonomy) has spent 37 years in data processing and IT within the survey research industry. His experience includes working within full-service market research agencies and global software application providers with experience in tabulation, reporting and survey technologies. For the past 19 years, Rudy has focused on SaaS offerings to manage unstructured textual content gathered during surveys and social conversations.

By agreeing to participate in this training course you also agree to download any software application(s) that are required for the fulfilment of the course.

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