Improving market researchers’ skills and knowledge in Excel

As a researcher with a client waiting for a deliverable, whether your challenge is navigating through a vast set of figures or calculating results to chart them, you are very likely to, at some point, end up working in Excel.

This course therefore takes you through the challenges that are often specific to market researchers, looking at:

  • Navigating and collating data from tables
  • Simple steps to consider in table design and specifications
  • Using raw data to drive aggregations and charting
  • Preparing data for advanced analysis
  • Manipulating and managing data for both display and delivery

The course is run in a small group to ensure there are opportunities to engage personally – and you are encouraged to come with specific issues and cases that can be used as examples. We will also review the fundamental principles of data management to help define ways of working with data in your day-to-day roles. A short pre-class survey will help to prioritise areas of focus.

Please bring your own laptop – training can be tailored to suit different Excel versions but is based on modern versions of Office 365.

Learning outcomes:

  • Efficient ways of using Excel in common market research contexts
  • The broad scope of Excel’s powerful capabilities
  • Easy ways to solve common problems and source solutions: tips, shortcuts and techniques
  • Troubleshooting common issues and understanding how spreadsheet errors can be avoided
  • Improved understanding and confidence in working with Excel
  • How to source future support and help

Who will benefit:
Anyone who uses Excel regularly at a basic level and would like to improve their skills and confidence in either working more efficiently or learning about new methods and opportunities with Excel.

Andrew started his research career with secondary research in the advertising industry, then spent a decade in the commercial research team at Capital Radio, working with the tables of RAJAR data, and on commissioning and analysing advertising effectiveness studies. Throughout that time he was constantly working on reducing the dull, manual elements of typing, sorting or charting data, so that he and his colleagues could spend more time understanding what it meant. Self-taught, his skills at using formulas, end eventually macros reduced time taken to produce the suite of audience reports from weeks to just hours.

He later moved to a research agency, where he built tools to trim hours off the reporting requirements for complex heat-maps and brand health reports. It was those skills in automation that caught the eyes of Ipsos, where he has worked as a technical director for the past 7 years, identifying and resolving complex or time-consuming tasks through technical and process design, as well as grass-roots change and training.

Andrew's Excel skills are the result of over 20 years of experience and interest in using Excel specifically in the field of Market Research, working both with raw respondent and sample data, and with large sets of aggregated tables. Although he has experience of a range of other programming languages and systems, Excel remains the most common and easily accessible system across all the different clients and businesses who need to work together to make successful research happen.

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