“Uplevel your skills and knowledge of Excel for Market Researchers”

As a researcher, with an end client waiting for a deliverable, whether your challenge is navigating through a vast set of figures, or calculating results to chart them, you are extremely likely to end up working in Excel.

This Excel course is designed to look at the challenges which tend to be specific to Market Researchers. We will look at ways of navigating and collating data from tables, and simple steps to consider in table design and specifications, as well as ways of using raw data to drive aggregations and charting, preparing data for advanced analysis, and manipulating and managing data for both display and delivery.

The course is designed to be for a small group, ensuring that there is an opportunity to engage personally, and delegates are encouraged to bring specific issues and cases that can be used as examples; there will also be an opportunity to help prioritise learning focus before the study through a short pre-class survey.

Participants will have reviewed their own knowledge of the way Excel can be used, and learned a selection of tips, shortcuts, and techniques to make better use of this incredibly powerful tool. We will also review fundamental principles of data management that will help define ways of working with data in their day-to-day roles.Learning outcomes

  • Learn efficient ways of using Excel in common MR contexts
  • Learn about the broad scope of Excel capabilities
  • Learn easy ways to solve common problems and source solutions
  • Troubleshoot common issues and understand how spreadsheet errors can be avoided
  • Improve their understanding and confidence in working with Excel
  • Know what they can do and how to source future support and help


  • Using Excel efficiently: Shortcuts, the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Data Design and Data Types / FileTypes (inc working with csv)
  • Excel and Mathematics for Raw Data
  • Introduction to Formulae – absolute and relative references
  • IF and Logical functions
  • (Depending on Demand) Helper Columns / Array Formulas / Pivot Tables
  • Excel and Navigation/Collation for Tables / Aggregated data
  • Pulling together data through formula manipulation
  • Displaying data: Charting and Conditional Formatting
  • (Depending on Demand) Advanced functions (introduction to macros)

Who would benefit
Anyone who is expected to use Excel regularly, but at a basic level, and would like to improve their skills and confidence, in either working more efficiently on their current tasks, or to gain an introduction about new methods and opportunities in using Excel.

Learning Method
Tutor Lectures; Hands on use of Excel with working “template” files provided; Q&A, with one-to-one or group solution development.
Participants should bring their own laptops. Training can be tailored to suit different Excel Versions, as required, but is based on modern versions of O365.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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