Boost your moderating skills with practical tips, individual feedback and group coaching

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Becoming a more able and confident qualitative researcher involves understanding why moderators do what they do, what goes on underneath the talking, and how to adapt to a variety of situations. This course goes beyond the basics of moderating, providing an understanding of group process and dynamics, self and respondent management, and troubleshooting difficult situations. You will learn useful hints and tips to smooth your path.

The course is run over a day and a half with a limited number of participants to ensure everyone has enough time to practice, ask questions, and receive feedback. You will practice listening and eliciting skills, moderate part of a group online, and learn how to evaluate moderating skills. You will be able to reflect on your own moderating, and will receive coaching from two very experienced qualitative researchers.

The course will be held online but will refer to both online and face to face techniques.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

You will have

  • A better understanding of how to start and manage focus groups
  • More effective listening skills, better eliciting and probing for insight
  • Refined and extended your existing range of techniques to support the group process
  • Insight into your own developmental pathway

Who will benefit?

Qualitative researchers/moderators with some experience who want to maximise their own potential, and who may need to help develop others.

Learning method

Delegates will be required to prepare a section of a topic guide for moderating an online focus group. You will also take part in the group as a respondent, which is a valuable learning experience.

The first training day will be a mix of theory and exercises. The group moderation will be recorded and will be available online prior to the coaching session, which takes place the following afternoon.

Course delivery mode

Online, virtual classroom

"Useful, thought provoking and easy to put into practice."

Clare Rapkins, MEL Research
22 November 2019

"A nice, safe environment to have a go."

Amy Page, Synergy
22 November 2019

"Excellent hands on experience."

Helen Cutler, Hampshire County Council
22 November 2019

“Excellent - engaging and interative with a balance of relevant theory and practice in the porm of a real life focus group. ”

Amy Siddaway, CMR
05 April 2019

“It was really interactive, good practice and helpful for learning new techniques.”

Katey Goodwin, Futures Housing Group
05 April 2019

Additional Information

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