10 October


Inspiration is a magic moment where energy, passion and motivation collide in our sensory experience. We can literally see, hear and feel the moment. This is what stories have the power to do – connect with us on an emotional level in a way data alone never can. Story driven reports and presentations result in highly engaged audiences who get the message and retell the story throughout the organisation to drive action and change. This one day masterclass is designed to help researchers and analysts accelerate capabilities in storytelling with data. A practical hands-on session, attendees will work on live projects to develop compelling and inspiring narratives.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this session is to help researchers and analysts take what we do innately as humans and give them confidence to apply in the context of communicating data. This isn’t about changing them into copywriters, novelists or journalists, but taking the universal skills of storytelling that those industries thrive on and turning them into something that works in the data world.

The core objectives of the programme are to:

  • Help researchers and analysts to synthesise and distil information into a clear unified message
  • Provide short cuts and frameworks to make storytelling a natural part of the project process
  • Inspire creative thinking to ensure the message connects with the audience on an emotional level

Learning Outcomes

  • Help you identify commercially relevant and engaging messages from complex data sets
  • Give you the confidence to use proven creative techniques to connect your audience with the message
    • Optimise new ways of working so you consistently deliver story-led reports and presentations

Outline of the day

The training will include the following sections:

  • Why this session – defining success, benefits of storytelling and objectives for the day
  • The power of Ethos Logos Pathos– why storytelling is key to persuasion
  • Using the Pyramid approach and deductive analysis to turn lots of data into a core insight message
  • Using simple storytelling tricks to grab your audience from the outset – the role of titles, hooks, metaphor and scenarios
  • Applying traditional story archetypes to typical business problems
  • Ways of working to embed a storytelling approach – the importance of co-creation and storyboarding
  • Action planning


Date and Timing

10 October 2017



MRS Members £200.00 + VAT

MRS Company Partner £200.00 + VAT

Non-members £300.00 + VAT


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