Webinar 1 – 14 November 2017


Behavioural Science tells us that most of the decisions we make are with our System 1 brain: quick, intuitive and emotional. Rather than weighing our options, we tend to make selections between 3 or 4 options on auto-pilot. The marketing implication for brands is that profitable growth requires a long-term creative focus to achieve 3 key things: fame, feeling and fluency. We have found these to be the key elements to predict and drive brand growth over time.

Who would benefit

Client brand managers, advertising agencies, client-side researchers, media planners.


Provide a brief overview of Behavioural Science as it relates to marketing and demonstrate its impact on the predictive power of market research - specifically applying it to brand and communications testing - evidenced by a recent case study of a Fame, Feeling & Fluency brand tracker for several television networks and streaming services.

Learning outcomes

Understand how Behavioural Science can be applied to market research and a real-world application of brand and communications tracking within a rapidly changing category (television and digital content services).

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