New, emerging and established online qual techniques for qual researchers, marketers and research buyers.

This course enables you to:
  • understand more fully the whole range of online techniques which are part of and have been added to the qualitative researchers’ toolkit, including communities and online ethnographic research.
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, delegates should have a better understanding of:

  • the different range of online qualitative techniques that are available including some extra focus on online communities – the fastest growing online research technique
  • what the techniques mean, how they are similar/different to each other and to other qualitative techniques
  • when online techniques should be considered – for which business issues, specific subject areas and audiences
  • the implications for the qualitative skills required for conducting online qualitative research
Who will benefit?

This course will benefit researchers, marketers and research buyers new to the world of online qualitative research or just those looking to develop their knowledge. This course will help you understand the latest thinking in online qualitative research and how you can apply the techniques to enhance your business decision making.

“We shall try to set up an online qual facility at UCLAS in the next 6 months.”

Chris Stevenson, Market Intelligence Officer,
UCLAS, October 2011

“Is a new tool to introduce in discussion with existing clients.”

Fiona Tarpey, Managing Director,
England Marketing, October 2011

“Useful and thought-provoking guide to online qualitative techniques.”

Helen Butcher, West Sussex County Council
Online Qualitative Techniques, 3 April 2014


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

James Collinson will co-present the Online Qualitative Techniques course.
James is a Senior Research Manager at Join the Dots and specialises in both online and offline qualitative research methods. In his time at Join The Dots he has successfully managed a number of international online communities for global FMCG brands, as well as conducting online adhoc research too.  He’s also got plenty of experience in online quant too and will bring his experiences of that to the day too.
So whether it’s ethno, online focus groups or longitudinal diary studies, James has plenty of experiences to share on the day and hopefully leave you in a better place to succeed in the world of online qual!
Chloe Stevens will co-present the Online Qualitative Techniques course.
Chloe is a Research Manager at Join the Dots, specialising in running international online communities and online qual adhocs. Previously, Chloe worked mainly as a quantitative research before moving to more traditional qual methods. After joining Join the Dots her interest in international research soon meant online qual then became part of her experience almost every day. She currently project manages a global healthcare online community.
Since being at Join the Dots, she’s learnt how to use a variety of online qual methods, building on her experience as a traditional qual research. One of her favourite tools when researching is using ethnographic mobile apps – it allows for instant in the moment insight, and the use of videos has been very impactful when sharing with clients.
In the course, Chloe will share her experiences running online communities and include details of the different methods you can use, the benefits to the researcher and what this means for clients/stakeholders.

Additional Information

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