Qualitative Research is the mainstay of Market Research, which in turn has become synonymous with the term ‘Focus Groups’. There is however, so much more to Qualitative Research. It’s not unlike a Detective’s investigation which uses scientific techniques to uncover the truth.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Qualitative Research is often the default and start of any market research investigation. It can be exploratory and contribute to the ‘grounded thinking’ stage, as well as provide sufficient evidence and revealing insights. Qualitative research provides the ‘why’ of research enquiries and can put the ‘numbers’, who and how many, the quantitative research into context and meaning, as well as provide a prelude to good quantitative design.

Of course there’s the basic Focus Group, which will be covered in the workshop. However, basic focus groups may not enable the researcher get to the truth or be appropriate for the subject matter or target audience or market. By applying specialist tools and techniques, we are able to break through and uncover the insights beneath the surface.

This workshop will arm you with qualitative tools and techniques that will enable you to delve deeper and provide solutions and insights to most business problems and challenges. This will help you to be a great Qualitative Research Detective, able to uncover insights, thereunder hidden from view by using the tools and techniques presented in this workshop.

Who will find it useful

Junior to senior experienced market researchers, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Moderators and Interviewers and Innovation managers.

Any category or sector, including: FMCG Consumer, Healthcare, Finance and Technology

The workshop covers the basics as well as stretching and challenging experienced researchers. For the experienced, it will act as a reminder and offer the possibility of picking up on new techniques. Attendees will walk away with a portfolio of qualitative tools and techniques and having had some practical exposer and exploration of the techniques described.

If there are any specific techniques you would like to understand, please let us know in advance and we’ll try to incorporate them in the workshop.

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Challenge, explore and expand current boundaries and thinking of Qualitative approaches.
  • Present a range of advanced Qualitative tools and techniques beyond standard focus group.
  • Provide a portfolio of Qualitative tools and techniques that delegates can use following the workshop.
  • Practical experience of advanced techniques.
  • Ability to apply and use the advanced techniques presented.

Training coverage

The baseline: The Qual Research process including some tips and different approaches.

Moderation: Some handy ways to deal with the group.

Explorative Qual: Approaches and contribution to grounded thinking

Primary methods: These are the fundamental qualitative methods from which most other research derives from.

Techniques: Applications or specific approaches typically used within the primary methods.

Tools: Exercises that can be used to deliver a specific outcome or feedback, useful to the research objectives.

Workshop approaches:

  • Thinking Models: Frameworks used in analysis
  • Delivery: Tips and tricks

An International Market Research and Business Consultant, with 30+ year’s practical experience in market research and marketing.

Jonny has run own viewing facility and moderation service and Qualitative Research agency and he is a pioneer of online Qual and started first online blogging research service.

Jonny has worked as an International Research Consultant, living, conducting and coordinating qualitative research worldwide including Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America/USA/Canada. More specifically: South Korea, Philippines, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and more recently in France. Although he tends to specialize in healthcare, medical and Pharmaceutical research, Jonny has spent many years in FMCG Consumer, Food, Technology and online and online gaming. One specialty is running Innovation and Business Strategy Workshops, Innovation training and specialist business consulting models (Trade Marketing and Category Management). In Market Research, Jonny describes himself as a Qual/Quant Research Director, having worked on trackers and ad-hoc research. His passion for Market Research has always been – and stems from – Qualitative Research.

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