Improve your resilience & mental wellbeing, whatever challenges life presents

It's more important than ever to increase our resilience, happiness and life satisfaction, for our personal mental wellbeing, and to support our families, friends, and communities through these difficult and unprecedented times. And there’s lots of academic research which shows the benefits; happy people are more productive[1], more creative[2] and take fewer day off sick[3].

Everyone has resilience - the ability to bounce back from adversity - but some people are naturally more resilient than others. That's not because they don't feel the impact of difficult times, but because they've found practical ways to deal with them.

The good news is that resilience is a skill which can be learnt and developed, and this course combines theory and practice, leaving you with a practical toolkit to improve your own resilience and wellbeing, and empowering you to better cope with adversity.

  • Increase your understanding of the importance of resilience, and the aspects which contribute to it – and break it
  • Explore tools and techniques to apply personally to improve resilience, help you face difficult situations, and change behaviour (e.g. positive psychology, habit theory)
  • Be better equipped to deal with challenges in your personal and work life, and to better support those you manage and work with
  • Leave with your own ‘resilience & happiness’ action plan to take forward and apply to improve your wellbeing

Who will benefit?

Anyone keen to increase their own resilience and ability to cope with adversity, in or out of the workplace; managers who want to better support their teams

Learning method & delivery mode

Remote online training, delivered over one day in four one-hour sessions. Mix of classroom/lecture style, plus and individual exercises and group discussions.





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Karen has run training for hundreds of attendees over the last 18 years, spanning agencies, end-clients, and industry bodies (such as the MRS). An award-winning speaker on happiness, she’s inspired audiences around the world on stage and through workshops, seminars, and conferences, and loves to share her expertise and passion with others to create lasting behaviour change.
Weaving together academic theory on positive psychology, habits and mindfulness, Karen demonstrates why much of our happiness is due to our mindset and the way we choose to see the world around us, and how we can consciously choose to make ourselves happier, and increase our resilience. She provides practical, and sometimes humorous ways to influence our own mindsets and behaviours to get through even the toughest of times.
Session 1

09.30-10.30: Exploring resilience, wellbeing and happiness, and the factors involved e.g. meaning, positivity, relationships, self-care etc.

Session 2

11:00-12:00: More on the resilience toolkit; personal resilience (practical exercise) and group discussion to share strategies for coping during difficult times  

Session 3

14:00-15:00: The resilience toolkit continued; frameworks to develop a personalised resilience strategy 

Session 4

15:30-16:30: Developing a personal resilience strategy (practical session); wrap up for the day, Q&A

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