This training will teach you how to curate, synthesise and structure existing data sets to overcome complexity and answer new questions quickly and effectively


Sustainable way to solve new problems and answer new questions

Decision makers do not need more data; they need knowledge and expertise derived from existing data sources delivered more quickly. This means more on-going meta-stories about customers, markets and products, alongside specific project results pinpointed at filling knowledge gaps.

Often this accumulated knowledge sits in different people’s head or on different servers within the organisation – so extracting across silos, curating in one place and then synthesising and evolving over time can be messy, time consuming and complex.

The aim of this session is to provide a practical and efficient framework to better utilise and repurpose knowledge gained from multiple sources to provide greater thought leadership and value from insight assets.    

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

  • Understand the importance of synthesising existing insight to provide bigger and more commercially useful insights
  • Helps you to plan how best to curate and organise different data sets for meta-analysis
  • Learn key frameworks in critical thinking to support knowledge development and synthesis of different sources
  • Utilise this accumulated knowledge to demonstrate ‘true expertise’ to stakeholders at key touchpoints
  • Optimise new ways of working to enable these meta stories to be built, accumulated and shared over time

Who will benefit?

Insight Managers who need to pull together multiple sources of insight gained from different projects or agency researchers looking to provide additional value to project outputs by incorporating other sources.

Learning method

Case study example developed in small working groups

Course delivery mode

On demand video, assignment and live 1 day virtual session

Additional Information

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