Get the most from your project by making good research and project management decisions at every stage.


Course overview/description

This course walks through each stage of the quantitative research process from the initial brief, through overall design, sampling, questionnaire, data analysis to reporting. It looks at the project from the perspective of the person project managing the running of it and provides a practical guide to the things that can be done at each stage to maximise its usefulness.

 It brings established project management principles to life by looking at them in the context of the research decisions that need to be made at each point and smart thinking that adds value to the outcomes. Since it recaps the key influences and considerations it also gives a great overview of quantitative research from the project rather than the theoretical viewpoint.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

  • Understand the decisions that need to be made at each stage of the project
  • Anticipate practical problems and consider options for action
  • Make smart checks on the questionnaire
  • Learn how to manage the sample and quotas flexibly
  • Push your analysis to work harder for you
  • Keep your reporting focused
  • Apply project management principles to research decisions

Who will benefit?

This course is for anyone running a project who wants an overview – or to recap – on the research decisions – and how they are implemented - at each stage.

This course is of particular relevance for people who have responsibility for running in-house quantitative research projects but who do not have a research background or where research is a new addition to their role.

It would also provide a good overview of the research process for new entrants to research agencies or fieldwork/panel suppliers.

Learning method

Mix of presentation, discussion and practical exercises.

Course delivery mode

Online (or in-person)

Additional Information

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