Use social networks and communities to access respondents

This course enables you to develop an awareness of how data generated through social media and online communities can be used to develop consumer insights. By the end of the course, you will be able recognise, understand and use a whole range of tools and techniques. This course includes practical learning through exercises and case study examples.

Learning outcomes

  • Navigating the social media landscape
  • Leveraging social listening monitoring tools
  • Analysing social data using quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Using online communities for market research
  • Understanding best practice

Who would benefit

Researchers who wish to embrace the changes and opportunities being created by social media.


"A useful overview of Social Listening approaches, good for those at early stages in listening journeys."

Alexandra Wren - Haleon, May 2023

"It was an enjoyable session, taken at a good pace."

Graham Watson - Barclays, February 2023

"Provides an excellent and experienced overview of social media research."

John Krzyzanowski - ITV, February 2022

"Very informative & enjoyable.  A good overview into all aspects of socal media in market research.”

Ellen Robinson - Danone, October 2019

Gaelle has been a practitioner and an advocate of social media in research since 2010, continuously promoting its use and sharing best practice.

Gaelle started delivering insights using social data and online communities while working for Intrepid in 2009.

Gaelle led Kantar Media’s social media insight team from 2012 to 2020, developing its social intelligence proposition from the ground-up, creating a consumer-centric research capability based on social data, emulating many traditional research techniques.

During this time, Gaelle worked with a multitude of clients including Barclays (Project Shortlisted for the AMEC Awards 2014) and Orange on projects presented at the MR Summit (2014) and Esomar Fusion (2018), demonstrating the value of social intelligence within these organisations and driving mindset shifts.

Since moving client side in 2020,  Gaelle has continued to advocate the use of the social data and communities as a source of insights and demonstrate the value of these techniques as part of the research toolkit.

Gaelle has also contributed to thinking on the topic of social media in research with a paper entitled “Social Media Research: developing a trust metric in the social age” published in the IJMR (2013) and was part of the cohort which developed the thinking around the IPA’s Measuring Not Counting initiative (2015).

Gaelle was named among the Social Intelligence Insider’s Top 50 in 2022.

Gaelle is a frequent speaker at events and conferences including for NewMR, the Social Intelligence Lab, MRS and IIEX.

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