Learn how to apply behavioural science to better understand and influence behaviour

Course overview/description

Since Nudge, Predictably Irrational, and Thinking, Fast and Slow became best sellers over a decade ago, behavioural science has rapidly grown in popularity and continues to be a buzz topic. We’re learning more about human behaviour and learning it faster than ever before – the countless behavioural models, biases, and heuristics. You can be forgiven for suffering from information overload and finding it difficult to put the science into practice!

This interactive course will help you to make sense of the theory and give you practical tools and step-by-step templates to apply the latest behavioural science to better understand and influence behaviour in the real world.

Learning outcomes/objectives
  1. Get up to speed on key behavioural science insights and concepts
  2. Learn about common behavioural biases and heuristics
  3. Explore the implications of behavioural science for research and design
  4. Apply the theory using practical behaviour change models, tools, and templates
  5. Make breakthroughs – identify key barriers and opportunities for behaviour change
  6. Design measurable and effective behavioural interventions
  7. Create feedback loops to test, iterate, and scale interventions in the real world
  8. Get inspired and learn lessons from real-world behaviour change case studies
Who will benefit?
  • Anyone involved or interested in understanding and influencing human behaviour from across research and insight, communications, marketing, brand, and product, service, and experience design – no matter your experience
Learning method
  • An engaging mix of behavioural science experiments, case studies, group chats, and exercises to put the theory into practic
Course delivery mode
  • Remotely via Zoom
"Brilliant!  I learnt a lot about how to breakdown a behavioural science approach and will use this back at work."

Jessica Rees, Ofcom
07 November 2019

"Insightful, helpful, useful and exciting."

Laura Treasure, Welsh Water
07 November 2019

Benjamin Buckby, Founder & CEO of peasee
Benjamin is the founder of peasee and an award-winning behavioural designer, helping companies make it easier for their customers and employees to make better choices.
He has over 12 years' experience applying behavioural science to design effortless experiences, communications, products, and services for the likes of HSBC, Telefonica, Centrica, AstraZeneca, and Co-op. In this time, Benjamin has won a Nudge Award (the world's first behaviour change awards), been voted Most Inspiring Agency Speaker Finalist at the AURAs, shortlisted for the AQR Qualitative Excellence Award, and chaired the MRS Behavioural Science Summit for two years running.
Having set up and grown behavioural science teams for two other companies, he is now running his own behavioural design startup. And regularly delivers training in applied behavioural science and behaviour change on behalf of MRS for research and insight professionals, as well as Company Partners.

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