Explore theories of creativity, problem-solving and more

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

We often settle for second best in terms of the quality of our output, particularly in the rush to meet deadlines and 'get things done'.

Here’s a chance to adopt a different approach and achieve better results. Specific tools and techniques for various phases of research can help address challenges – like a lack of idea-flow, low energy or poorly framed objectives – and dramatically improve the chances for conducting a successful session on ideas creation.

This course covers theories of creativity, the creative and analytic mindsets, problem-solving approaches, ideation and developing a creative practice.

Learning outcomes
  • Develop your creative competence and learn to think in new ways
  • Approach problems and challenges differently to find new solutions
  • Use creativity to develop new approaches to research and communications that will add value to your business
Who would benefit

Researchers (client or agency-side) who are looking to enhance their ability to respond creatively to problems and challenges and develop new approaches to research and communications.

“Thought provoking and changes your mind set to be more positive and excited for creative ideas.”

Jennifer Thompson, Northumbrian Water
27 May 2016

“An engaging and challenging exercise to help break down traditional ways of thinking.”

Dan Solkin, RDSI
27 May 2016

Jeremy Rix has 20 years’ experience as an agency researcher and innovation consultant, coach and trainer. He has delivered projects, training and consultancy to multinationals in business-to-business and consumer markets, across a range of industries in the UK and internationally. He also guest lectures on the Undergraduate in Marketing and MBA Courses at Lancaster University. With a passionate belief in the commercial and creative value of customer and market insight, he currently runs OKO, an independent research and innovation agency.

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