Fair Data

The volume of personal data collected by companies and used around the world has never been greater and is only increasing.

Right now, there is no easy, instantly recognisable way to show that your organisation can be trusted to use this personal data in an ethical way. Consumers gravitate towards companies they trust. Recognised ethical marks help consumers make their choices separating the trustworthy brands who share their values. Such has been learned from other industries: Fairtrade and Investors In People (IIP) to the Carbon Trust and recycling symbols.

While progress is being made in areas such as data security, the same cannot be said of how data is used within other areas. You might consider it unlikely that misuse of data could occur to you or indeed as a customer or indeed within the organisation you work for but it does and you just don't know.

'Organisations need to make a public, visible commitment to standards in the handling of the personal data of others. I welcome this initiative as a step in the direction of getting users of public data to make such a public commitment to standards'  Christopher Graham, Former Information Commissioner

The principles of responsible corporations


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