MRS recognition for the quality of third party professional development programmes

The MRS Accreditation approach is flexible, recognising a wide range of third party provision. Developed in conjunction with employers, MRS accreditation is an essential business development tool.

To complement the MRS Professional Development Framework and Benchmark Standards, MRS has developed an MRS Accreditation approach which accredits employers’ professional development programmes, giving employers external recognition of the quality of their professional development content and delivery, specifically identifying areas which meet the MRS competency standards.

Accreditation of Unilever

MRS has accredited the Unilever Qualitative Accreditation 

Programme and the associated Accreditation Team which deliver the Unilever Programme with MRS Accredited Provider status and MRS Accredited Professional Development Specialist status.

The Unilever Qualitative Accreditation Programme is based on a consistent set of formal standards, by which qualitative practitioners are assessed, to determine if they meet/exceed Unilever’s required competency standards. The approach is a way of achieving a “gold standard” for qualitative practitioner competency. 

The Unilever programme is robust and detailed, and ensures qualitative researchers who successfully complete the programme have the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to be an effective qualitative researcher meeting a significant proportion of the MRS Professional Development Framework relevant to qualitative research. Thus ensuring that research conducted on behalf of Unilever is ethically robust, meets Unilever’s requirements and adheres to the relevant rules e.g. as set out within the MRS Code of Conduct and other relevant standards.

MRS Accredited Professional Development Specialists:

Acknowledging individuals contribution to the success of MRS accredited professional development programmes

Geoff Bayley - GB Research Associate
Lesley Croskery - In Focus Qualitative Research
Julie Davey - Julie Davey Research
Dawn Farren - Unilever
Johanna Funnell - Flamingo
Nita Gopal - ngworks
Fiona James - Freelance Professional
Nirupama Kaushik - Brandscapes Worldwide Consutling
Claire Koch - InsightAsia
Gordon Milne - Ipsos UU
Wendy Mitchell - RDSi
Lucy Morris - Spinach
Gabriella Nader - La Punta del Ovillo
Vivienne Segal - VS Research LLC
Simon Shaw - Ignite Qualitative Research Consultancy
Anita Watkins - Kantar TNS
Rebecca Wynberg - WY Consultancy

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