Following considerable review and consultation with our key stakeholders and syllabus experts the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market & Social Research Practice syllabus review has been reviewed. This new syllabus will became effective from the June 2020 Assessment Round.

Syllabus changes 

The key changes to the content and structure of the syllabus are: 

  • The syllabus is now divided into two sections (previously 3 sections), as follows:
  • The Research Context: Refers to the setting in which research takes place and the ethical principles that underpin the research process. The learning outcomes in this section inform and guide each stage of the development of a research project.
  • The Research Project: The learning outcomes in this section reflect the specific skills and understanding required to develop each stage of a research project.
  • The number of learning outcomes has been reduced to 22 from 36. 
  • The indicative content remains largely the same – content has been moved to in line with the revised learning outcomes
  • Additional guidance has been included to help candidates, learning providers and mentors to make better use of the indicative content outlined in the syllabus. 

Assessment changes 

  • The IA Content Specifications have been updated to reflect the revised learning outcomes. 
  • The following item has been added to the IA Content Specification: Identify how resources (people, time and money) will be allocated across the project. This is also reflected in the learning outcomes listed in the assessment criteria: Successful candidates should demonstrate their practical understanding of research practice: describing how resources (people, time and money) will be allocated 
  • Integrated Assignments which fail to meet pass criteria may be re-submitted for assessment when appropriate improvements have been made a maximum of one time only. If the IA fails to meet the pass criteria on second submission, the third submission must be a new IA topic.
  • Exam Answers/IAs that are is in conflict with current legislation, regulation and/or ethics advice for research and data practice will be graded ‘Fail’


A Guide to the Integrated Assignment – Centres 

A Guide to the Integrated Assignment – Candidates

A Guide to the Examination - Centres 

A Guide to the Examination - Candidates (coming soon)

Examplar Exam Paper (coming soon)

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