Leadership and people management are core skills required to effectively communicate, to engage and motivate employees and colleagues towards a common goal. These attributes will help you develop as a leader within your organisation and the wider community.

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

1. Establish vision relating to areas of responsibility and communicate vision together with supporting objectives and operational plans

2. Ensure team members and related stakeholders understand relevant vision, objectives and operational plans

3. Guide team members and stakeholders, and when appropriate empower individuals, to deliver relevant vision, objectives and operational plans

4. Establish targets and monitoring processes for self, team and stakeholders to ensure that relevant vision, objectives and operational plans are delivered

5. Develop a range of leadership styles and select and apply these as appropriate to situations and people

6. Deploy guidance, mentoring and/or coaching skills as appropriate in order to achieve vision, objectives and operational plans

7. Motivate and support team members and stakeholders, providing recognition when individuals successfully meet vision, objectives and/or operational plans

8. Develop mechanisms to establish feedback from team members and stakeholders on personal performance, and address issues that arise

9. Review plans, responsibilities and objectives periodically and in light of any relevant change in circumstances

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in the Research Sector – a drop-in webinar for MRS members


In 2020 MRS conducted the third annual survey of members about their experiences of diversity, inclusion and equality in the research sector



GKB 20th Anniversary Event

The History of Geodemographics:
The Future of GeoDems


Join the experts in geodemographics for this FREE webinar to celebrate 20 years of the Geodemographics Knowledge Base, an invaluable resource for all those interested in the use of Geodemographic data. Hear how the use of this important data has grown over the past 30 years and how they envisage the future use and sources to obtain it.



Combining CX | UX | MR – Virtual Summit


Combining CX, UX & MR will examine the benefits and challenges of bringing together three branches of insight generation to help organisations create the fullest picture of their customers and to ensure the voice of the customer informs every experiential touchpoint.



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