As a RAS Accredited Recruiter or RAS Accredited Company you can use the Accreditation logo in the following communications to signal RAS accreditation

  • Email signature
  • Company/personal website bio
  • LinkedIn page
  • Business card
  • Headed paper

Download the logo:
(to download, right click the image and select "save image as...")  

*Applicable once 50% or more of the organisations’ staff undertaking recruitment have successfully achieved accreditation

Applicable once 50% or more of all in-house staff undertaking recruitment are RAS Accredited Recruiters and at least 50% of all external recruiters (such as independent recruiters) that are used by the organisation are RAS Accredited Recruiters.

You are not permitted to use the RAS Accreditation Logo if you are not RAS accredited by MRS. If you do not renew your membership/accreditation you must remove the RAS logo from all of your materials. 

How to use the logo

The do's:

  • Hyperlink the RAS Logo to when used in email signatures and website bios.
  • Keep the size of the logo to a minimum of 30mm (width) to ensure it is always legible.
  • Keep at least 2mm of free space around the logo. This is the space no other elements may intrude on (e.g. type, graphic elements or the edge of the page or screen).

The don'ts:

  • Do not alter any elements of the logo.
  • Do not distort it.
  • Do not use it within text.
  • Do not use any other colourways, other than those provided.
  • Do not try to re-create the logo.
  • Do not share the logo with third parties.
Contact us

If you have any queries related to use of the logo please get in touch:

Tel: 020 7566 1805

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