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Strategir Ltd – 20 June 2019
Source Strategir

Neuropsychology has shown that our brain not only works consciously, but more often unconsciously, i.e. implicitly. It processes signals and messages – logo colour, bottle shape or images – at lightning speed and filters, within milliseconds, whether they are attractive and relevant or not. And so influences behaviour and (purchase) decisions.
These unconscious mental processes are triggered by functional and psychological objectives: such as relaxing, feeling comfortable or being safe. It is therefore important for marketers and for strong brand positioning.

To know and consider the unconscious motivations and associations that consumers have with a category or brand to be able to activate them, for example, with the right communication or packaging design.

Our partner Beyond Reason has developed a scientific approach that hacks the purchase decision by unlocking the unconscious purchase motivations. This is the result of 2.5 years of research & development by a group of scientists from leading universities (the Project Implicit) and 20 year experience marketers on client side.

This scientific implicit measure is based on an instant association that consumers make between the mix and psychological & functional motivations. It reveals the WHY of consumer behaviour & preferences, and thus whether the right motivations are activated.

Measuring implicit purchase motivations can be done easily and fun for participants and you can make the unconscious motivations of your target group visible and easy to measure and so be able to successfully meet consumer needs.

For further information, contact Jackie Tarran 


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