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The Insight Rooms – 23 May 2021

The reception

What you can expect

  • Sanitisers: foot operated dispenser has been put in place
  • Perspex screen at reception
  • Updated app for touch less sign-in
  • Track and trace notice
  • Signage communicating social distancing and other practices
  • Bottled water is free for participants and clients
  • No hot drinks
  • Maximum 4 participants in reception*

What we expect from our clients

  • Lab manager/front of house to agree with the moderator if participant will be collected or brought to the lab

*Based on current guidelines, subject to change

Common Areas

What you can expect

  • One way system through the hallway
  • Hand washing guide in bathrooms
  • Deep environmental cleaning

What we expect from our clients

  • Please follow the one way system
  • Please wait outside the bathrooms if all three are full

The labs

What you can expect

  • Protective desktop and mobile perspex screens
  • 4 observers at any given time*
  • 4 participants per focus group plus 1 moderator*
  • Stylos for moderators (mobile and ipads)
  • Two mice for desktop research (participant and moderator)
  • Additional keyboard for moderator (desktop research)
  • Marked seat for participant
  • Surfaces and devices cleaned after each session
  • Masks and sensor operated hand sanitisers
  • Complimentary streaming

What we expect from our clients

  • Open lab doors in between sessions
  • Minimise contact with the participant and technology
  • Make use of the protective equipment

*Based on current guidelines, subject to change



  • Complimentary water
  • Hot drinks temporarily unavailable
  • Maximum 4 participants in reception*
  • Open lab doors in between sessions

Viewing rooms

  • Complimentary water
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Hot drinks temporarily unavailable
  • Catering can still be ordered via Deliveroo on the iPad
  • Maximum 4 observers - viewing room 1*
  • Maximum 4 observers viewing room 2*
  • Open viewing room doors in between sessions

*Based on current guidelines, subject to change



  • NDAs to be sent to participant electronically where possible
  • NDAs that are signed physically will be handled by asking participant to use the hand sanitiser before signing the document which will be handed on a clipboard


  • Incentives that are being handed out physically will be in an envelope, done by reception team where they have thoroughly sanitized their hands

Recruitment and conducting research

  • Moderator to check if they are comfortable in conducting research with participants without them wearing a facial covering. If they would prefer for the participant to wear facial covering, include this in the recruitment screener
  • Instead of having an all day spare, recruit an end of day spare to avoid them sitting at reception all day
  • Leave longer breaks in between sessions


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