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Yonder Consulting – 1 October 2020
Source Yonder
  • Giffgaff, Nationwide & Tesco Mobile behind Netflix and Amazon as top lock-down brands 
  • Big Six energy giants fail to make it out of the bottom ten
  • Businesses failing to meet consumer needs

The most comprehensive report of its kind, commissioned by new consultancy Yonder has ranked seventy of the biggest businesses in the UK according to their ability to meet customer needs since the onset of COVID-19.

The Yonder Opportunity Index, which was based on the experiences of over 4,000 British adults using the very latest research techniques was topped by giants Netflix, followed by Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, giffgaff, Tesco Mobile and Deliveroo whilst energy giants dominated the bottom ten with Ryanair given the lowest score by its customers.

The new Yonder Opportunity Index analysed the most important consumer needs, during lockdown and beyond, including the need for security, normality, the ability to have something to look forward to in the future and to manage change.

Yonder is the result of a £25m merger of Populus, BrandCap, Decidedly and Populus Data Solutions into one new consultancy. Its Co-CEO Manfred Abraham, said: “Whilst at first glance it seems easy to understand why Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and some of the mobile networks delivered well for customers during lockdown – it wasn’t purely a case that circumstance played into their hands as there are competitors in the same sectors which, on paper, deliver the same service, but ranked much lower.”

“We believe that customer understanding and fast, imaginative innovation are the keys to opportunity. The businesses at the top of the pile are undoubtedly planning their next moves to act on the opportunities presented by these changing customer needs. Any brand with a competitor ranked higher should be seriously questioning why their customers aren’t as happy and moving to out-think their competitors. Even the businesses topping the table  have plenty of room for improvement.

“It is clear that the energy companies – especially the larger ones, have plenty of opportunities to really tap into customer needs. In areas such as coping with change, or the ability to have things to look forward to, especially as we move into the winter and customer bills rise, financial pressure rising for many customers and the general desire of the population turning to making their homes a place of celebration and not just survival.

“With the world moving so rapidly, new opportunities appear all the time for brands to do more for their customers, but they must understand what customers really want and need. Companies must then have the imagination to see the new opportunities and the ability to capitalise on them.” 


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