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Breaking Blue is a full service market insight agency. We inspire organisations to make important decisions by shining a light on the big picture and the details that matter.

Which is why we're trusted research partners to so many leading organisations in the UK and across the globe.

Computers – hardware, Computers – software, FMCG – General, Food, Healthcare, Information Technology, Nutrition, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation
Deliberative Research, Diary Studies, Ethnography, Executive/Industrial Interviews, Eye Tracking, Gamification, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, Online Communities, Qualitative, Quantitative
Behavioural Change, Brand/Branding, Business-to-Business, Consumer, Customer Satisfaction, Emerging Markets, New Product Development, Pricing, Product Testing, Usage & Attitude
Affluent, Digital Consumers, Ethnic Minorities, Hard-to-Reach, High Net Worth, Hispanic Markets, Indian, Kids, Senior Citizens, Youth/Teens
Africa, Central Asia, Central Europe, Middle East, Northern/Western Europe, Russia, South America, UK, USA, Worldwide
Senior Contacts

Kate Anderson ( Director)
Niall Baker (Research Director)
Rachel Cope ( Director)
Kate Downer (Research Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Total Number of Employees: 51 to 100


11-13 Charterhouse Buildings
Tel: +44 (0)20 7627 7700
Establishment date: 1984

International Address

Breaking Blue
3955 N. Paulina
IL 60657 
Tel: +00 1844 815 8713

Breaking Blue
Frankfurter Allee 73C
Tel: +49 (0) 305 683 8577

Researching Latin America

Over the past twelve months, many businesses doing business in Latin America have faced fundamental challenges as a result of economic and political instability in the region. A knock-on effect has been to threaten many existing assumptions based on market research with obsolence and also to challenge some of the industry’s received wisdom about where and how to research.

The region as whole slipped into recession in 2015 for the first time since the economic crash, with an expected contraction of 0.3%. The most important factor in this was Brazil’s dismal economic performance, a result in large part of the collapse in demand for commodities exports to China. However, other countries were also affected with even former stars such as Chile seeing major slowdowns in their rate of growth.

However, the economic slowdown is not the only problem affecting the region.

In Brazil inflation exceeded 10% for the first time since 2002, whilst in other countries such as Argentina and Venezuela inflation has become so politically sensitive that official statistics have been subject to manipulation.

The region is also currently experiencing more political instability than usual. Whilst the recent elections in Argentina and Venezuela have generated headlines, Peru also sees a Presidential election in 2016 and even if moves to impeach Dilma Rousseff in Brazil fail, the blow-back from the Petrobras scandal will add to the uncertainty in the region’s largest economy.

Despite all of this, there are significant opportunities, and data from ESOMAR suggests that market research spend in the region remains close to USD2bn per annum.

We continue to receive research briefs covering Latin American markets and we anticipate the number will increase in due course since GDP forecasts in several markets such as Mexico remain favourable and the region as a whole is expected to stabilise in 2016 before returning to growth in 2017. 

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Source: Breaking Blue

O2: “Brilliant to work with you all and can’t thank you enough for everything you did yesterday.  From beginning to end you’ve all been so easy to work with; totally professional and a huge amount of fun.  Potentially this will impact a huge amount of customers. Good result”

Dunnhumby: “I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work on the project, your contributions and the insights we have got off the back of them. We have had some really good feedback, with the senior stakeholder saying “We have the insight and traction to make a real difference to how we go to market and talks to our retail partners with the shopper at the heart of a multi-channel strategy.” This is huge testament to the hard work from the team at Breaking Blue: thanks for your continual consulting and advice. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all, and hopefully we will cross paths again soon.  Breaking Blue is one of a small number of suppliers who we partner with when we need high-quality, robust insights alongside our own analytics. We’ve commissioned Breaking Blue to deliver several projects since our working relationship began, and it’s been a really great experience.” 

Market Research Society: “As part of our training services, we deliver a series of webinars once or twice a year on various subjects, allowing attendees to dip into areas that they may be unfamiliar with or techniques that may help them in their work.   Breaking Blue have supported us in delivering some of these webinars over the last couple of years on topics such as Ethnography, Text Analytics, Eye Tracking and Digital Techniques in Online Surveys.   Delivered by practitioners who are working on current or recent projects with clients, means that their case studies and content is always relevant and pitched at the right level for our audience.   Their content is always appropriate to the short format of the webinars and the delivery is engaging, well-paced and attractive, with dual presenters using each other to add some interest to the delivery in an informal way.  The MRS is delighted with the support we receive from Breaking Blue and look forward to working with them again.” 

Deutsche Post – DHL: “The quality of work that BB produces for us is always high, even when working towards extremely tight deadlines. What is particularly impressive is their attitude – they are very flexible both in the way they work with us and in the way they answer research problems”

Canon Europe: “We’ve been working with Breaking Blue for several years now using different types of research. Throughout, we could always rely on BB’s professional attitude, quick response and willingness to go the extra mile. In the analysis and final presentation phases they really add value with their knowledge and experience of the industry.”

HP: “The rare ability to understand the details but to also understand how the research fits into the big picture market and business trends”

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