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Circle Research is the B2B market research company.

Circle was founded in 2006 as an alternative to traditional research agencies who are consumer focussed and deliver bland, uninspiring, academic outcomes. Our mission is to uncover hidden truths about your target market and help translate these into marketing and commercial success.

Based in London, we work globally with ambitious B2B firms, including half of the Top 10 B2B Superbrands. In 2016, we won the Market Research Society’s Best Agency Award and we're a finalist again in 2017.

Accountancy, Agriculture, Automotive, Catering/Hospitality, Chemicals, Computers – hardware, Computers – software, Education/Training, Electrical Goods, Energy, Engineering, Environmental, Events/Conferences, Finance/Investment – Business, Food, Government/Local Authority, Healthcare, Industrial, Information Technology, Insurance, Internet/New Media, Legal, Media (Broadcast), Media (Mobile), Media (Print), Office Equipment, Online, Property/Construction/Housing, Public Services/Utilities, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel/Tourism, Wellness/Fitness
Advanced Statistical Techniques, Benchmark Studies, CATI, Co-creation, Consultancy, Continuous, Copy Testing, Creative development research, Depth Interviews, Desk Research, Diary Studies, Ethnography, Executive/Industrial Interviews, Eye Tracking, Face-to-Face, Foreign Languages, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, Internet Research/CAWI, Mobile Web Surveys, Multivariate Stats and Modelling, Online Communities, Online Surveys, Qualitative, Quantitative, Telephone Interviewing, Tracking
Advertising, Brand/Branding, Business-to-Business, Communications/PR, Competitive Intelligence, Concept Testing, Customer Communities, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Research, International, New Product Development, Pricing, Product Testing, Reputation Management, Usage & Attitude
Africa, Australasia, Canada, Central America, Central Asia, Central Europe, China, Eastern Europe, India/Pakistan, Japan, Northern/Western Europe, Pacific Rim, Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, South America, UK, USA, Worldwide
Senior Contacts

Andrew Dalglish (Joint Managing Director)
Beth Pearson (Joint Managing Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Executive/Research staff: 20
Non-research: 2
Total Number of Employees: 21 to 50


71 Hopton Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7960 3802
Fax: +44 (0)20 7928 6052
Establishment date: 2006

Research-led Thought Leadership - A White Paper
This is the executive summary of the full article. To read the full version please click here.
What is thought leadership?
‘Thought leadership’ is a controversial term. Some dislike it as it:
  • Can be seen as patronising (“I will lead you”)
  • Suggests that the ‘thought leader’ is beyond criticism
  • Suggests that only an elite few have thoughts worth listening to
So call it ‘content marketing’ or anything else which has the same meaning – freely sharing information of value and respected opinion in order to influence others.
Five key benefits of thought leadership
Whatever you call it, there are five key benefits:
  • It sets you apart. Today’s marketing communications environment is noisier than ever. Offering your target market something of genuine benefit gives them a reason to sit up and listen
  • It’s a showcase. Demonstrating genuine, unparalleled expertise is especially critical in any sector where the product is, well, expertise
  • It’s a conversation starter. Time pressured buyers have become much more discerning in the engagements they have. Thought leadership gives them a reason to listen to you
  • It’s a conversation changer. A content based marketing strategy means that rather than selling you’re sharing; showing empathy, understanding and a desire to build mutually beneficial partnerships
  • It’s social media ‘food’ and SEO ‘link bait’. Social media channels, especially blogs and Twitter, have opened up new opportunities to connect but require a constant stream of quality content
Follow the Seven R’s of thought leadership
Successful thought leadership follows the Seven R’s:
  • Resonant – the topic interests your target market
  • Rare – the topic or your angle on it is fresh
  • Road Mapped – it follows a clearly laid out strategic plan which details the theme, target audience, content calendar, content formats, communications plan and ROI metrics
  • Robust – thoughts are supported with solid facts
  • Rounded – it is coupled with useful additional material to aid action, e.g. case studies, best practice guides
  • Rooted – it has a brand and a ‘home’ (e.g. a micro-site) to give it a life of its own
  • Re-used – it is re-purposed into many different formats to maximise ROI and allow the target market to consume it however they like
Source: Circle Research

"I would totally recommend Circle to anyone else who is looking to carry out a B2B research project. The team are brilliant and offer very clever insights, as well as being really easy to work with".  Marketing Director, JLT

"Circle are a great agency - they're B2B specialists, always deliver lots of juicy detail and deliver findings in a way that ensures I can use them immediately".  Global Insights Manager, Vodafone

"Circle came highly recommended to us in the B2B industry and I'd recommend them in turn. Their warmth, intelligence, humour and focus meant they quickly understood the essence of our business. I was delighted with the highly meaningful, tangible feedback they provided that could instantly be turned into action”.  Marketing Director, Teneo

"Circle would always be my number one choice for carrying out market research in the B2B space. They add value at every stage".  CEO, Ogilvy DNX

"Circle gave us a completely fresh perspective which led to a significant repositioning of our business. I'd urge you to use them".  CEO, Randstad Staffing

"Many agencies claim to add value, but Circle is one of a small number who actually deliver. I would certainly recommend them".  Managing Director, McCann Enterprise

"An outstanding job. Circle demonstrated real clarity in strategic thinking, providing focussed and extremely useful insights".  Investment Director, FTSE

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