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Dectech was created to provide the most accurate and best value forecasts available on how people will behave in new situations. We are enthusiastic proponents of behavioural research, randomised controlled trials and data modelling. Founded in 2002, we are based in London and are staff-owned. We are members of the Market Research Society and Management Consultancies Association. Follow us on social media or register on our website to receive updates on our research.

Energy, Finance/Investment – Business, Finance/Investment – Personal, FMCG – General, Food, Gambling/Online Gaming, Insurance, Online, Public Services/Utilities, Retail, Telecommunications
Advanced Statistical Techniques, Consultancy, Foreign Languages, Internet Research/CAWI, Literature reviews, Multivariate Stats and Modelling, Online Surveys, Quantitative, Questionnaire Design, Tracking
Advertising, Behavioural Analysis, Brand/Branding, Concept Testing, Consumer, Customer Loyalty, Data Analytics, E-Commerce, Forecasting, New Product Development, Pricing, Product Testing
UK, Worldwide
Senior Contacts

Prof. Nick Chater (Director)
Dr Benny Cheung (Director)
Dr Rich Lewis (Director)
Dr Henry Stott (Managing Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 3
Executive/Research staff: 19
Non-research: 3
Total Number of Employees: 21 to 50


Network Building
97 Tottenham Court Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7193 9812
Establishment date: 2002

Engine for growth: The impact of add-ons on motor insurance sales
Motor insurers face a conundrum. Technological advances, rising taxes, and an increase in personal injury claims have persistently pushed up firms' costs over the last decade, making it ever harder to eke out a profit. But the traditional solution of increasing premiums to meet these costs is running out of road. Motor insurers must find other ways to cover their costs, while keeping hold of existing customers and appealing to new ones. Add-ons could be one solution to this challenge. Our research explores the impact of add-ons on motor insurance sales and make recommendations to providers on the most effective strategy for selling add-ons, and to regulators on how to ensure the consumer is getting a good deal.Source:

"Dectech is at the very forefront of a new and rapidly expanding field: applying the wealth of new and emerging insights from the behavioural sciences to business problems."

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group


 "I have worked with Dectech for a number of years and would warmly recommend them to anyone with thorny customer questions. They work flexibly and intelligently to solve such commercial headaches and are fun and easy to work with along the way."

Mike O'Donohue, Chief Data Officer, Camelot


"Dectech is a key business partner. Their unique approach to helping us track Brand performance and provide insight on consumer needs and behaviour is invaluable in helping us make the right choices for our members."

Ashley Schofield, CEO, giffgaff

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