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Foreign Tongues’ have provided translation and interpreting services to the market research industry for more than twenty years. Whilst we are a relatively small company, our size and specialisation in the research sector allows us to adapt our translation service to fit each individual company’s project, dependent on their needs. Rather than asking the Client to work to another’s strict ‘corporate’ methodology, with unfamiliar software packages, or extend project deadline to external delivery times, Foreign Tongues tailors its service to integrate with each Client’s workflow and practises, from proposal to completion, to provide the most efficient project co-ordination and service delivery.

A thorough understanding of the individual Client’s requirements for a given brief and preferred work methodology is paramount at Foreign Tongues. Our experience within the research sector has identified the need for immediacy of response to any request for information required by our Clients to help support, or is key to, their Client proposal – any prolonged delay often making the difference between the winning or losing of a project.

Foreign Tongues fulfils each Client request with a comprehensive and detailed cost breakdown for each project within 20 Minutes of receiving the Client brief, as opposed to hours (or even days) from possible alternative translation service providers. This speed of response, and continued support throughout the proposal stage, provides our Clients with a competitive edge, enabling them to answer any query raised by their Client within moments.

Each project is allocated to linguists who are not only research orientated in their work practise but specialise in the specific subject matter, with the experience necessary to provide the Client with commercial, quality translations, in the format needed, when needed. By providing a translation service dedicated exclusively to the research sector, we have developed our own special modus operandi to ensure our Clients receive the most efficient turnaround times available. Approximately 80% of projects are completed and returned within 24-hours as standard, a service other companies charge a premium for, with more complex projects being prioritised to meet Client deadline. Our speed of turnaround is deemed by many to be the best in the business.

A Client focused philosophy is the foundation of Foreign Tongues. We understand the needs and wants of the research sector and recognise the speed at which the research environment can change, dependent on world events, a shift in market perception or a new development in technology. As delivery of translation services to the research sector has evolved over the decades, from documentation sent via fax, to email, to software-as-a-service, Foreign Tongues has actively developed a dedicated IT department. By anticipating and mastering the challenges of each new technological advance, we support our Clients in adapting to these future changes in the research sector without issue.

The research industry tells us they want the service Foreign Tongues provides and consider it indispensable to their needs.

Automotive, Chemicals, Durables/White goods, Engineering, Finance/Investment – Business, Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Pharmaceutical
Consultancy, Depth Interviews, Executive/Industrial Interviews, Face-to-Face, Foreign Languages, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, In-Home/Doorstep Interviews, In-Store Interviews, Kiosk Interviews, Transcription
Brand/Branding, Business-to-Business, Communications/PR, Consumer, Direct Marketing/Promotions, Emerging Markets, International, Online Panels, Opinion Polling, Translation
Bangladeshi, Black African, Black Caribbean, Chinese, Eastern European, Ethnic Minorities, Hispanic Markets, Indian, Pakistani, Welsh speakers
Senior Contacts

Brendan Reaney (Managing Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 5
Total Number of Employees: Not Applicable


2nd Floor
9-13, Cursitor Street
Tel: 0800 032 5939
Establishment date: 2010

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Common mistakes businesses make when entering global markets

Entering the global market place is an exciting venture but it often comes with mistakes; here are four of the most common:

1. Not doing enough market research

To go global you must have an understanding of the local market, its culture and traditions. You have to learn local industry trends and forecasts; who your competitors are, their strengths and weaknesses; distribution and commonly used marketing channels and learn about the taxes, customs and legal requirements of your target customers.

2. Relying solely on in-house research

In-house marketing and research teams are very valuable and cost effective, but don’t be afraid to ask for external help. Relying on the research conducted by your internal teams may not be enough for you to succeed. Market research is important but as with everything else, it needs to consider behavioural elements. 

For example, Best Buy’s attempt to enter the European market was unsuccessful because the company failed to notice that Europeans prefer smaller shops to larger supermarket stores, amongst other factors.

3. Localising but not translating 

Translating your marketing materials and slogans is one thing, localising it is another.  If you were to take an English slogan and translate it into Japanese without any contextual meaning, it wouldn’t make any sense. Before you proceed with translation, double check what language the population likes to be spoken in. Certain countries have diverse populations, speaking many languages and may have preferences as to which ones they are accustomed to. 

The same goes for your website. Your website content should be translated by an experienced language translator. Someone who understands the local language, the emotional and practical aspects of it and knows how to make your content appealing to your new audience. This is not something machine translation will be able to achieve due to its many limitations, including its inability to understand context and tense.

4. Underestimating the prominence of cultural differences

Inadequate research can lead to failed expansion. One of the most common mistakes is to assume that the business model used for your home market can be duplicated across international markets, without adapting to local marketing channels, consumer behaviour or product preferences.

Changing the name of products and the currency is simply not enough. A further analysis of the ecosystem, the ways of living and purchase decision making habits have to be evaluated and used in practise. Traditions, behavioural influences and local laws should also be taken into account.

Not taking shortcuts, investing time and resources into research prior to international expansion can be the make or break of your firm’s global success. Local market knowledge will enable you to shape your marketing strategy, your product and messaging. Furthermore, it may open doors to future opportunities and insights to upcoming trends.

If you are looking for help with translation and localisation to support your international expansion, ask Foreign Tongues. We work with experienced, local translators, worldwide. You can request the free quote here and we will get back to you immediately.

“Foreign Tongues are undoubtedly the most efficient translation agency I have worked with, and most impressive is the fact that the quality of their translation is never undermined by the speed at which they complete the work; integrating both quality and efficiency is a skill most definitely mastered by Foreign Tongues. The efforts and capabilities of the team have allowed us to keep our own projects on track, and their adaptability, coupled with their swift responses to our additional requests, have been invaluable to us in keeping our own clients happy.” - Lucy H.

“The team at Foreign Tongues are invaluable to the on-going global research our company conducts. The speed, efficiency and quality, from quotation to delivery, afford us complete trust that Foreign Tongues are the best at what they do. An almost always 24 hour turnaround time at competitive rates, allow us to accurately deliver multi-language projects with the knowledge that we, and our customers, are in safe hands. Additionally – their research focused service and vast experience with different market, business and cultural nuances has often provided an edge to my team when delivering complex, global research projects. A truly wonderful partner.” - Patric D.

“Whenever I work with Foreign Tongues I feel like they understand what I need, they appreciate the situation and context and don’t just view it as ‘just translation’. They are quick to quote and I feel fully supported. They keep in touch to ensure I have what I need and follow up after the project to get feedback. They are quick to adapt to last minute changes and nothing seems too much trouble. I can always rely on them to deliver what I actually need although they are not afraid to make suggestions as to how to optimise my project.” - Tracy B.

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