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Harris Interactive is a full service, consultative, digital market research agency. We are responsive, agile and committed to our clients’ success above all. We have a long history of helping brands succeed and we continuously innovate new means for obtaining insight. We set ourselves apart as we fuse sector expertise and award winning research designs with innovative tools and technology to deliver impactful, actionable insights that keep our clients ahead of what’s next.

Expert in all areas of research design, implementation, analysis, and reporting, Harris Interactive has particular strengths in brand, new product development, customer and employee research.

Working internationally, our activities span both consumer and business-to-business markets.

At Harris our legacy, expertise and relationships made us who we are but technology drives our future and speed of delivery allows us to anticipate challenges. In short, we enable our clients to make impactful decisions faster.

Charities/Voluntary, Computers – hardware, Drinks (Alcoholic), Drinks (Non-alcoholic), Electrical Goods, Energy, Entertainment – in home, Entertainment – out of home, Finance/Investment – Business, Finance/Investment – Personal, FMCG – General, Food, Gambling/Online Gaming, Home Entertainment, Information Technology, Insurance, Interactive Entertainment, Internet/New Media, Media (Broadcast), Media (Mobile), Media (Print), Retail, Sport/Leisure/Arts, Telecommunications, Toiletries/Beauty Products, Travel/Tourism, Wellness/Fitness
Access Panels, Advanced Statistical Techniques, Consultancy, Custom, Online Communities, Online Results and Data Portals, Online Surveys, Panels, Questionnaire Design, Report Writing, Tabulation & Analysis
Advertising, Analytics, Brand/Branding, Business-to-Business, Communications/PR, Concept Testing, Consumer, Customer Communities, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Research, International, New Product Development, Online Panels, Packaging/Design, Pricing, Product Testing, Usage & Attitude
Affluent, Digital Consumers, Hard-to-Reach, High Net Worth, Mature/Midlife, Mothers/Parents, Single Parents, Women, Youth/Teens
Senior Contacts

Pete Cooke (Sales & Marketing Director)
Susan Vidler (UK Managing Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 10
Executive/Research staff: 60
Total Number of Employees: 51 to 100


Ealing Cross
85 Uxbridge Road
W5 5TH
Tel: +44 (0)20 8832 1600
Establishment date: 1963

International Address

Harris Interactive
5, avenue du Château
Tel: + 33 1 44 87 60 30
Fax: + 33 1 44 87 60 31

Harris Interactive AG
Tegernseer Landstraße 138
Tel: +49 (0) 89 666 660 880
Fax: +49 (0) 89 666 660 889

How should you plan for success with an insight community?

A long-term community is an investment involving many facets, and it can feel overwhelming to think about how to plan for success.

To establish a community, it’s critical to get early buy-in and strong support in order to secure budget, manage effective implementation and maximise return and impact for the business and insight team. This requires early planning, time, engagement with key stakeholders and a compelling business case.

Over a two-part blog, I will outline the critical questions, considerations and steps involved. In this first blog, I will focus on the early stages of defining the purpose of the community, ensuring fit, and securing internal buy-in.

How do you go about defining the purpose and ensuring fit?

First, ask yourself what is the main purpose of the community? What will it enable you and the wider business to achieve, that currently, you are not able to do as well, if at all? How will it fit  with the wider insight activities and team resource/capabilities? What type and nature of external/partner support might you need? And how will it help you to achieve more for the same or less budget? Such considerations are equally important if you already run a community and wish to review and enhance its purpose and value.

More specifically, what type of insight needs will it address and for which stakeholders? How do these stakeholders envisage working with the community week-to-week, month-to-month? It may be difficult to list specifics at the early planning stage, but you need to be confident there will be sufficient, relevant requirements and activities to keep the community members  and stakeholders engaged and ensure a return on investment.  In other words, does it have a mid-to-long term evolving  purpose that will deliver significant value over time?

Typically, a community represents only part of the overall insight programme, so it’s important to understand how it will fit in the overall mix. For example, certain niche audiences may be too difficult or costly to access, recruit and retain on your community; particular types of projects or methodologies may not be suitable, and specific stakeholder preferences may require other approaches. Equally, there will be existing activities that will work or evolve more effectively via a community – such as those requiring more iterative qual and quant with an engaged group.

Be sure you can see the path for navigating these considerations in order to scope-out a community that will not only deliver on the main requirements in theory, but also in practice.

What are the key considerations around obtaining internal buy-in/support?

I can recall a client who was very much invested in building a community, who ploughed ahead without getting support from all relevant parts of their business. Not only did this cause logistical issues such as struggling to obtain email lists from the CRM Team to invite customers to join the community; the lack of awareness and appreciation of the initiative around the business meant there was insufficient stakeholder engagement and research activity to support the community.

Identify and engage with all the main stakeholders early, including those who will approve the budget for the community, those who will help to set-up the community and those who will use it. Define the main benefits for different key stakeholders and position them accordingly, whether they’re insight, usage/efficiency, budget or ROI related. Actively seek-out any obstacles that need to be overcome and allow time for any contractual discussions and implementation tasks. This will provide a strong foundation for the business case, more likely secure the support and budget required, as well as helping manage expectations.

Key benefits of a community include long-term cost savings compared to numerous standalone projects, better value/ROI through increased agility/efficiency, and deeper, more rounded insight. For example, the engaged and personalised nature of the community audience enables a more iterative understanding over time and can provide a more powerful view of survey, CRM, social and passive data combined, informing better business decisions. It can also strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers, leading to increased brand advocacy.

Your stakeholders may envisage better engagement and benefit in the short and mid-term via a more developmental approach, starting with a ‘lite’ approach to member portal, platform functionality, community size and service model. This will enable you to get up and running with less up-front time/cost and build on early ‘pilot’ stage success, growing confidence and engagement over time. The key is to plan the right model for success based on your business’ core needs and priorities, selecting a community partner with the expertise, team and service flexibility to grow with you.

For the would-be primary users of the community, illustrate the additional value and efficiency benefits. A community can provide a suite of scripting, project management, database management and analytics tools in one platform, which provides greater agility accessing back-end research tools, with centralised data collection. Or it can give on-demand access to speak to customers whenever the stakeholders need to, instead of having to request and wait for customer lists from the CRM Team, or having to go through an access panel provider.

Also think about how to articulate these benefits around your business – you want to be as impactful as possible. For example, showing a community case study video from your industry would be a more visually engaging way to illustrate benefits than emails or PowerPoint slides. Illustrate and estimate the likely activity flow and benefits based on your knowledge of research priorities and evolving plans. For main user stakeholders, a platform demo would be effective at showing what using the community day-to-day would be like and how it would work for members. If possible, invite your team to use and try the platform and tools involved, for real/trial activities that bring customer feedback to life.

Source: Harris Interactive

"We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Harris Interactive for a number of years, and this hasn’t happened by accident. Through their flexibility and thoughtful account management, they have always been able to design solutions which take into account the practical realities of our business. Above all, we have benefited from responsive, flexible and attentive service and an account team that ‘just gets it’, giving me the assurance that we can always trust them to come up with answers and to deliver reliably." Global Financial Services Brand

"PackTest Express was the perfect solution for our product development and stakeholder management needs. It allowed us to quant test simultaneously several pack formats as well as a couple of different designs early in the development process in order to get quick and robust answers to our questions. It was really easy to set-up and the online platform made it very simple to follow the KPI’s in real time. We would definitely consider using PackTest Express again in future key innovation projects." Global FMCG Brand

"We have worked with Harris Interactive over the years.  We now have an insight community managed by the team using their expertise in both research and community management. The community enables us to ensure our customers are central to our decision making.  The team understands our business and they leverage the community, and other approaches, to deliver quick and cost-effective research insights. They advise us on how to best engage with our community and are always on standby for any advice and urgent questions. The team members individually are great and very knowledgeable. I see them as an extension to our team." Global Tech Firm

“[Concept Express]...has been exactly what I needed – robust quant validation, that helped answer a couple of questions, but didn’t take ages or cost a fortune. I will definitely be in touch again when we’re in the next round of new concept work.” Global Drinks Brand

“We partnered with Harris Interactive to gather market and customer insight to feed into new product concepts. We had some tight deadlines - the speed at which the Harris team were able to turn the whole project around was phenomenal. They helped us pull together a survey, using their expertise in the topic to advise us on language and gave us access to their analytics tool as well as providing a write up. The tool is straight forward to use and very powerful – giving you the ability to cut the data how you need in a matter of seconds. The team were extremely flexible, we were testing and iterating concepts as we were going and they moderated the community really well to ensure we got the answers we need. The findings of the research gave us a clear direction for the products we were testing.” SparksGrove

PackTest Express enabled us to evaluate 8 packaging concepts, extremely quickly, on our relevant KPIs and identify the winning pack.  This standardised solution offers significant flexibility.  We were able to achieve our goals, with agility, and with the expertise of Harris Interactive’s team. International Skincare Company 

"Timing is paramount in a fast-paced industry like public relations and the up-to-date insights we receive from Harris 24 are invaluable for keeping our clients ahead of the curve… Using its powerful combination of in-depth analysis and detailed sector expertise, we are able to extract and interpret accurate insights that drive impactful strategies… It’s an indispensable antenna that picks up, filters, and cuts through the buzz.”  

“Concept Express was quick, efficient and sufficiently flexible to suit our requirements. The online real time system was a good way to engage our stakeholders and excited real interest in the project. It raised the profile of research internally and challenged – positively – expectations of what could be delivered by when.”  UK High Street Bank

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