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Harris Interactive is a full service, consultative, digital market research agency. We are responsive, agile and committed to our clients’ success above all. We have a long history of helping brands succeed and we continuously innovate new means for obtaining insight. We set ourselves apart as we fuse sector expertise and award winning research designs with innovative tools and technology to deliver impactful, actionable insights that keep our clients ahead of what’s next.

Expert in all areas of research design, implementation, analysis, and reporting, Harris Interactive has particular strengths in brand, new product development, customer and employee research.

Working internationally, our activities span both business-to-business and consumer markets.

At Harris our legacy, expertise and relationships made us who we are but technology drives our future and speed of delivery allows us to anticipate challenges. In short, we enable our clients to make impactful decisions faster.

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Senior Contacts

Mark Blayney (Chief Operations Officer)
Pete Cooke (Head of Digital)
Susan Vidler (Head of Research)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 10
Executive/Research staff: 55
Total Number of Employees: 51 to 100


Ealing Cross
85 Uxbridge Road
W5 5TH
Tel: +44 (0)20 8832 1600
Establishment date: 1956

International Address

Harris Interactive
5, avenue du Château
Tel: + 33 1 44 87 60 30
Fax: + 33 1 44 87 60 31

Harris Interactive AG
Tegernseer Landstraße 138
Tel: +49 (0) 89 666 660 880
Fax: +49 (0) 89 666 660 889

Employee Research - Considerations for more Frequent Listening

The employee research market is flooded with technology and innovation, primarily exploiting techniques used in consumer and market research by repurposing them to measure employee experiences in what is being touted as non-traditional (not an annual survey). Some feel pressure to be at the forefront of this perceived innovation to keep ahead of industry trends; however, the reality of implementing more frequent listening is not as simple as it may seem.

‘Realtime’, ‘Pulse’, ‘Ongoing’, ‘Always on’ are just some of the term’s beings used to get organisations to think differently about their internal listening mechanisms, but in some cases causes organisations to feel pressure to keep up with the latest trends. These types of listening deliver in the moment insights and we, at Harris Interactive, are strong advocates of that as it’s part of our digital strategy, but organisations must be ready for it. And herein lies the challenge.

Frequent listening provides a host of benefits including:


  • Helps organisations keep abreast of important issues in the here and now
  • Encourages an agile organisational culture
  • Ensures businesses and leaders address current employee issues
  • Deployed quickly to gather feedback to make rapid decisions


But to mobilise and deliver on more frequent listening, there are lots of considerations. Here are the main ones:

Managing employee expectations, especially where there has been an established process of listening and responding. If you are planning to listen regularly, are you also planning to respond regularly? Employees want to know they have been listened to so it’s not just about capturing the feedback but also having plans in place to respond, otherwise the programme will lose credibility (‘what’s in it for me’ syndrome). Purpose needs to be clearly defined so employees can perceive the value in taking time to respond regularly.

You’ll be increasing the volume of data you receive, which in the era of big data can be invaluable, but you need to consider whether you have the technology and resources to turn that data into insight and act. Imagine a monthly poll – this will require monthly questionnaire design, administration, stakeholder management/feedback and possibly action. The technology to deploy in moment and frequent listening is here, but there is a reason that few organisations do this at all or well. It’s also worth mentioning the GDPR requirement for having an unambiguous legitimate reason if you are planning to link back to personally identifiable data, which you may have to re-establish frequently.

Organisational culture plays an important role in whether frequent listening will land well. In modern, dynamic, technology led and agile workplaces, this makes sense. But for larger organisations with more traditional structures – this will be much more of a challenge; especially where there are larger cohorts of blue-collar workers not sat at a computer all day e.g. retail. Perhaps a well thought out, structured and planned survey process would sit better…sounds like an annual/bi-annual survey to us!

Organisations need to have demonstrated the implementation of a great listening and responding activities and have high levels of engagement for people to buy-in to the more frequent listening. When people are engaged they want to want to contribute. Listening and responding frequently is no longer a standalone activity but is used as a management tool that is embedded into the day to day running of an organisation. It’s built on the foundation of having successfully delivered employee surveys and creating high levels of sustainable engagement.

Over the years we have seen organisations dip their toes into the water of more frequent listening to varying degrees of success; however, they ultimately retain and rely on their annual survey for ‘catch all’ feedback allowing them to take a pause and draw a line in the sand. Always on and frequent listening is more akin to a steady jog without rest periods to reset. A couple of examples of organisations trialling more frequent listening are provided below:

High street retailer with +50k employees ran a monthly poll of just a handful of questions. Initial opt-in (of less than 10%) soon declined and there was little perceived value. Although this provided an ongoing engagement tracker supported by extensive communications, there was no clearly defined purpose and interest was soon lost. The programme ceased after 12 months.

UK Bank with +20k employees has a strong culture of listening and feedback. Working with a technology partner they developed and app to provide frequent positive disruption to improve the working lives of its people. This also included pulse type measures and mood monitoring. The feedback was useful but didn’t provide the depth of information needed to take action despite its sophistication. A decision was taken not to renew the facility.

Pulse and frequent listening has merit, especially when it’s targeted to explore specific aspects of the employee experience, such as H&S or a comms audit. It acts as a symbiote of the annual survey to help further define action and dig deeper but it doesn’t replace the annual survey, which provides time to see the impact and the benefit of initiatives and make sure they are prioritised and seen through, before setting too many hares running and too many initiatives up – otherwise focus, purpose and benefit are lost. Big surveys clearly have a place, but so do shorter, sharper and speedier ones too. Ultimately, all employee research needs to be well thought out with a clear purpose, and not exclusively thought of as an annual survey OR more frequent surveys. It’s about defining the right approach for your organisation, with your own purpose in mind delivered through the resources you have available. Agencies like Harris Interactive have the technological capabilities to deliver slow and fast – but it’s ultimately about delivering what’s going to keep you ahead of what’s next, whatever that looks like!

Source: Harris Interactive

"PackTest Express was the perfect solution for our product development and stakeholder management needs. It allowed us to quant test simultaneously several pack formats as well as a couple of different designs early in the development process in order to get quick and robust answers to our questions. It was really easy to set-up and the online platform made it very simple to follow the KPI’s in real time. We would definitely consider using PackTest Express again in future key innovation projects." Head of Brand Development - Yeo Valley Family Farm

"We have worked with Harris Interactive over the years.  We now have an insight community managed by the team using their expertise in both research and community management. The community enables us to ensure our customers are central to our decision making.  The team understands our business and they leverage the community, and other approaches, to deliver quick and cost-effective research insights. They advise us on how to best engage with our community and are always on standby for any advice and urgent questions. The team members individually are great and very knowledgeable. I see them as an extension to our team." Global tech firm

“[Concept Express]...has been exactly what I needed – robust quant validation, that helped answer a couple of questions, but didn’t take ages or cost a fortune. I will definitely be in touch again when we’re in the next round of new concept work.” Innovation Manager, Whyte & Mackay

“We partnered with Harris Interactive to gather market and customer insight to feed into new product concepts. We had some tight deadlines - the speed at which the Harris team were able to turn the whole project around was phenomenal. They helped us pull together a survey, using their expertise in the topic to advise us on language and gave us access to their analytics tool as well as providing a write up. The tool is straight forward to use and very powerful – giving you the ability to cut the data how you need in a matter of seconds. The team were extremely flexible, we were testing and iterating concepts as we were going and they moderated the community really well to ensure we got the answers we need. The findings of the research gave us a clear direction for the products we were testing.” Alice from SparksGrove (working on behalf of a media client)

PackTest Express enabled us to evaluate 8 packaging concepts, extremely quickly, on our relevant KPIs and identify the winning pack.  This standardised solution offers significant flexibility.  We were able to achieve our goals, with agility, and with the expertise of Harris Interactive’s team. Consumer Insight Manager - International Skincare Company 

"Timing is paramount in a fast-paced industry like public relations and the up-to-date insights we receive from Harris 24 are invaluable for keeping our clients ahead of the curve… Using its powerful combination of in-depth analysis and detailed sector expertise, we are able to extract and interpret accurate insights that drive impactful strategies… It’s an indispensable antenna that picks up, filters, and cuts through the buzz.”  

“Concept Express was quick, efficient and sufficiently flexible to suit our requirements. The online real time system was a good way to engage our stakeholders and excited real interest in the project. It raised the profile of research internally and challenged – positively – expectations of what could be delivered by when.”  Customer Insights Manager – UK High Street Bank

"Thank you for your support throughout the projects we run together, and for your positive attitude - overall we are getting fantastic results and feedback, and see our impact on the key decisions, so we’re on the right track. Obviously our success also rests on the great partners we have, like you.”

"We have been getting very positive feedback from our stakeholders across the board. The reports and presentations have reached hundreds of marketing people already across the region, and we are going to continue the roll-out to the category (business) teams, and the PR teams + share this with the other regions and with our worldwide colleagues."

“Thank you for the terrific presentation today.  Our senior marketing manager was thrilled with the level of detail and quality of the research saying “this is fantastic, we need to do more things like this.”

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