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HRW's specialism in pharma research has grown out from our parent company MMR, a consumer research company founded on innovative and scientific research methods..

Our core ethos in healthcare research is to access reality; going beyond the superficial and uncovering the real factors influencing real-world situations. we have 2 specilaists teams, SHIFT our behavioural science team and ORBIT our Oncology specilaist team.

Healthcare, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Toiletries/Beauty Products
Advanced Statistical Techniques, CAPI, CATI, Co-creation, Depth Interviews, Ethnography, Eye Tracking, Face-to-Face, Gamification, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, Hall Tests, In-Home/Doorstep Interviews, In-Store Interviews, Internet Research/CAWI, Mobile Web Surveys, Observation, Online Communities, Online Focus Group Hosting, Online Surveys, Qualitative, Quantitative, Questionnaire Design, Telephone Interviewing, Tracking, Web Usability Research
Analytics, Behavioural Analysis, Behavioural Change, Communications/PR, Concept Testing, Customer Satisfaction, Data Analytics, Emerging Markets, Forecasting, International, New Product Development, Packaging/Design, Pricing, Usage & Attitude
Digital Consumers, Disabled People, Hard-to-Reach, Kids, Mature/Midlife, Mothers/Parents, Senior Citizens, Single Parents, Youth/Teens
Senior Contacts

Christine Dalzell (Global Managing Director)
Jeanette Kaye (Global Deputy Managing Director)
David Thomson (Chairman)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 3
Executive/Research staff: 42
Non-research: 3
Field managers/supervisors: 5
Total Number of Employees: 51 to 100


Wallingford House
46 High Street
OX10 0DB
Tel: +44 (0)1491 822515
Fax: +44 (0)1491 824666
Establishment date: 2001

International Address

15 W. 27th Street,
8th Floor
New York
NY 10001
Tel: +1 914 239 4025 

Aeschenvorstadt 71
Tel: +41 61 225 42 59

Agility Utility: Secrets to fast research with lasting impact


The trend for Agile and Sprint product development is increasing in the pharmaceutical space, and its origins in software present a speed and expectations challenge to traditional pharmaceutical marketing models that we all need to be prepared for and adjust to.

In our blog post we examine the origins of this trend and convey some simple but critical success factors that lie at the heart of agency-client partnership on Agile research that meets deadlines as well as having incisive impact for brands.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb

This often-quoted African proverb is profound and often true… with one exception, Agile research. In our opinion, in Agile research, teamwork and collaboration are the central component of making the research work quickly AND have far-reaching or lasting impact for brands.

The trend for Agile and Sprint product development is increasing in the pharmaceutical space, and its origins in software present a speed and expectations’ challenge to traditional pharmaceutical marketing models, that we all need to be prepared for and adjust to.

To support this shift, the traditional market research approach also needs to change, not by re-inventing the wheel, but by carefully planning the design around two critical factors, partnership and process, right from the research outset, to ensure the research can go both, fast and far.


Collaborative partnerships are critical to project success, and a successful Agile research approach typically incorporates the following three to deliver fast and far research:

Long-term agency/client partnerships (rather than per-project partnerships)

Fast: through saving time in on-boarding; multiple projects can be run concurrently and KPIs and research material structures can be agreed upon at the outset.
Far: agency is up to speed on product strategy and project aims, better able to contextualise findings; learnings are easily transferable from one project to the next and findings are reduced to core essential learnings; ‘off the cuff’ requests can be accommodated more effectively.

Multidisciplinary expertise (collaboration with in-house or consultant thinkers in behaviour, technology, user experience, or design)

Fast: Experts ‘speak the same language’ across the entire research chain, reducing miscommunications and streamlining deliverables to fit unique models (e.g. user journeys, RAG maps, heuristic identification).
Far: the number of iterations is reduced by the right expertise at all points in the process; recommendations have been stress-tested through multiple analytical lenses.

Participant collaboration (collaborating directly with respondents and keeping them engaged over the long term)

Fast: recruitment of participants at outset to generate ready panels and/or online communities; reduced need for retrospective analysis due to methodologies with participant interaction.
Far: greater ‘customer generated’ content and recommendations are delivered, prized by senior stakeholders.


The speed of Agile research requires careful planning and consideration of the research process, specifically in regard to where compromises are acceptable or not within methodology selection, fieldwork and analysis, and results.

Methodology selection

Compromise: on the getting the ‘why’ as the Agile movement is based around behavioural methodologies like observation, eye tracking, digital tracing, social media listening, and developer groups, which rely on knowing ‘what’ people do and designing to meet their needs rather than knowing ‘why’ people do what they do.
No compromise: on the reality of the implementation to ensure responses reflect the fast and distracted nature of true use.

Fieldwork and analysis

Compromise: on waiting for the full sample as analysis and feedback happen ‘live’ throughout the process and small samples are the norm.
No compromise: on the thinking and insight to make sure findings are not lacking depth.


Compromise: on PowerPoint! Traditional report writing is abandoned in favour of delivering dashboards, backroom workshops, email summaries, infographics, sketches or videos.
No compromise: on record keeping, as it’s still critical to benchmark and track KPIs, record customer learnings and collate results on a central resource hub.

To summarise, though agility may conjure ideas of ‘going alone’, being very aligned and ‘going together’ keeping these considerations top of mind throughout the partnership, can help both, client and agency successfully align with Agile product development approaches without limiting the integrity and impact of critical customer feedback in the process.


Source: View here

"A superbly professional and very personable team who always displayed great interest, care and attention to detail throughout. It was a pleasure working with HRW" Brand Manager

" I felt that it was a partnership, HRW really understood what we needed. HRW were on the ball. I didn't have to make many alternations to the questionnairte or the debrief - a sign that we were 'in tune'!" Research Manager

"HRW are very proactive, solution oriented, incl. perspectives of different internal stakeholders, good stakeholder management, very clear output" Global Integrated Insights Manager

“HRW is unique in that Healthcare Research Worldwide brings together the best market research practices and in-depth therapy area knowledge. Their primary differentiator is that they believe not all market research reflects reality, and can paint a false picture. So they overcome common research biases and ‘access reality’ using a mix of proven techniques, methodological + analytical innovation, and expert application of behavioral science.  Their proprietary behavioral science approach provides insights into the cognitive processes that underlie behavior, and links this to evidence-based recommendations of specific strategies for behavior change based on the psychology observed. HRW offers specific guidance on the ‘nudges’ that would need to be included to drive call to action” Global Insights Manager

“The HRW presentation today is one of the best I have seen in the past 5 years.  Slides were clean and easy to understand.   Findings were presented clearly and in a concise manner.  The psych evaluation was first-class and added a depth of understanding that is missing from so many of our research findings presentation” Global Brand Lead

“HRWs methodology and analysis is better able to capture the reality of the patient (or HCP) experience and more reflective of how they engage with and respond to the creative pieces being evaluated.  The application of behavioral science analysis and research techniques will provide more robust and useful insights for creative testing”. US Insights lead

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