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MaritzCX is your partner in identifying opportunities and driving measurable customer experience benefits with growth-focused outcomes.

With our unique combination of software and service, MaritzCX is the only company in the world equipped to identify and drive cross-functional advantages for you, helping you to tanslate any customer and employee feedback into actionable insights. We provide greater accountability, flexibility, and scalability to help you realise your goals at every stage of your customers' journey, adding value to your CX programme and support business growth. Our self-serve platform helps you take smarter actions that drive real business value, efficiently and quickly.

Automotive, Energy, Finance/Investment – Personal, Healthcare, Industrial, Insurance, Public Services/Utilities, Telecommunications, Transportation
Advanced data, CAPI, CATI, Consultancy, Data Mining, Mobile Web Surveys, Online Results and Data Portals, Online Surveys, Qualitative, Quantitative, Questionnaire Design
Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Data Analytics, Data Fusion, Employee Research
Senior Contacts

Derek Eccleston (Director, Expert Insights)
Jeremy Griffiths (Director, Expert Insights)
Angie MacDonald (Director Research Services)
Chris Travell (Director, Automotive Insights)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 27
Executive/Research staff: 94
Non-research: 42
Data processing: 14
Field interviewers: 100
Field managers/supervisors: 15
Spec writers: 3
Telephone interviewers: 400
Telephone managers/supervisors: 10
Total Number of Employees: 101 to 500


Hillbottom Road
High Wycombe
HP12 4HJ
Tel: +44 (0)1494 590600
Fax: +44 (0)1494 590601
Establishment date: 1973

International Address

Borselstrasse 18
Hamburg 22765
Tel: +49 40 369 833 0
Fax: +49 40 369 833 33

Bahnhofsstrasse 67
Wiesbaden 65185

3451 North Triumph Blvd
6th Floor
UT 84043

1355, 1365, 1395 N Highway Drive
MO 63099

8770 W. Bryn Mawr. Suite 1300
IL 60631

20285 S Western Ave
CA 90501-1310

1000 Town Ctr Ste 1100
MI 48075

Las Cimas Office Park Bldg IV
900 S Capital of Texas Hwy
TX 78746

4F Mayfair Tower Room 812
83 Fumin Lu

Level 19
201 Miller Street
Tel: +61 2 8397 8131

MaritzCX Unveils B2B CX Dashboards To Give Enterprise Businesses Visibility Into Account Health, Needs and Growth Opportunities
More than 60% of business-to-business (B2B) organisations consider CX impact and data in their operational decisions*. To arm B2B organisations to more successfully visualise their CX programme impact to create growth opportunities, focus retention strategies, plan for account needs and profile Net Promoter Score (NPS) among each account, MaritzCX introduces pre-configured B2B enterprise CX dashboard templates.

Created to address the major pain point of harnessing multi-tier distribution models, OEM and branded products, incomplete customer information and the sheer volume of disparate data, the B2B dashboard templates help visualise account needs and opportunities, focus retention strategies and profile NPS.

“You can’t know the health of an account or get in front of opportunities if you are working blind or with data that can’t be readily understood,” said MaritzCX Vice President Alex Vayslep. “Having a clear and meaningful view into complex customer behavior empowers executive teams to create growth opportunities, develop retention strategies and plan for upcoming account needs—that link directly to positive business outcomes.”

Each preconfigured B2B dashboard is a CX toolset that monitors key financial indicators, CX metrics for customer touchpoints including NPS and OSAT, business-specific outcomes and overall account performance. The dashboards are directly integrated into the MaritzCX Technology Platform.

In conjunction with the preconfigured B2B dashboards, companies can also use CXEvolution® – MaritzCX’s proprietary CX assessment model based on the largest CX practitioner study in the world – to design CX roadmaps and build customer experience programmes. The preconfigured B2B dashboards show the linkage and action taking place due to the CXEvolution engagement and connect the CX roadmap to each dashboard metric, giving a direct view of the ROI and business results being delivered from a CX programme.

Additionally, action planning is built into each dashboard, so every account manager is held responsible for their customer experience, and at-risk accounts are monitored at all times.

“We get it. The enterprise B2B selling environment is big, complicated and can be thorny,” said Jennifer Rubin, MaritzCX Associate Practice Leader. “MaritzCX is the only B2B solution for large enterprises. There are a lot of CX companies that tout they have dashboards, but none offer the direct link to in-house research services and only MaritzCX can design CX roadmaps that link to ROI that is trackable in our B2B dashboards.”

A team of customer experience designers and consultants come as part of the preconfigured B2B dashboards that will apply their knowledge of doing CX programs for more than 50 years and industry expertise to an organisation’s deployment.

"MaritzCX gives us a real competitive edge and helps us serve our customers with the best insight. With the new customer insights available, we are able to better strategically invest in maximising the customer experience. We have become more selective – we don’t invest unless we have fully considered the requirements of the customers, as everything we do starts with their needs."

 Iain O’Connor, Customer Experience & Insight Manager at Aegon


Unlock the Value of CX with MaritzCX from MaritzCX on Vimeo.

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