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With 30 years' unrivaled experience across food, drink, household care, personal care and beyond, we partner with the World's leading FMCG brand owners to drive deeper emotional connections across pack and product. We design qualitative and quantitative solutions that address business issues, fuelling the creativity that creates brands people love.

Our heartland is the interface between brand, pack and product, unlocking the power of the human senses to create more engaging propositions.

Drinks (Alcoholic), Drinks (Non-alcoholic), FMCG – General, Food, Online, Pets/Petcare, Retail, Tobacco, Toiletries/Beauty Products, Transportation
Advanced Statistical Techniques, Benchmark Studies, Co-creation, Consultancy, Custom, Depth Interviews, Ethnography, Eye Tracking, Gamification, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, Hall Tests, In-Store Interviews, Mobile Web Surveys, Multivariate Stats and Modelling, Omnibus Surveys, Online Communities, Online Surveys, Panels, Qualitative, Quantitative, Questionnaire Design, Volumetrics
Brand/Branding, Concept Testing, Consumer, Data Analytics, Forecasting, International, New Product Development, Online Panels, Packaging/Design, Pricing, Product Testing, Simulated Test Markets, Trendspotting, Usage & Attitude
Baby Boomers, Black African, Chinese, Ethnic Minorities, Hard-to-Reach, Hispanic Markets, Kids, Mothers/Parents, Women, Youth/Teens
Africa, Australasia, Central Asia, Central Europe, China, Eastern Europe, India/Pakistan, Northern/Western Europe, South America, UK, USA, Worldwide
Senior Contacts

Sandeep Budhiraja (Director India)
Jason Byles (Chief Commercial Officer)
Susannah Croucher (Director South Africa)
Ben Fathers (Managing Director, Ideal Insight)
Luisa Gibbons (Director, Cubo Innovation)
Joe Goyder (Managing Director, Huxly Global)
Louisa Griffiths (Director)
Judith Henderson (Managing Director EMEA)
Mat Lintern (Global CEO)
Mark Sismey (Managing Director China)
David Thomson (Chairman)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 4
Executive/Research staff: 147
Non-research: 56
Field managers/supervisors: 2
Spec writers: 1
Total Number of Employees: 101 to 500


Wallingford House
46 High Street
OX10 0DB
Tel: +44 (0)1491 824999
Fax: +44 (0)1491 824666
Establishment date: 1989

104-110 Crowmarsh Battle Barns
Preston Crowmarsh
OX10 6SL
Tel: +44 (0)1491 824999
Fax: +44 (0)1491 824666
Establishment date: 1989

Bridge House
181 Queen Victoria Street
Tel: +44 (0)1491 824999
Fax: +44 (0)1491 824666
Establishment date: 1989

International Addresses

MMR Research Worldwide Colombia
Calle 22N # 6N-42, Office 404
Cali, Colombia

MMR Research Worldwide Inc.
15 West 27th Street
8th Floor
New York
NY 10001
Tel: +1-212-897-2806
Fax: +1 914 332 1452

MMR Consulting Shanghai Ltd
Room 2001-2004
No 300 Xikang Road, Benben Building
Jing’an District
Tel: +86-021-6031-8838

MMR Research Worldwide Private Limited (Singapore)
237 Pandan Loop
Westech building #05-01
Tel: +6566590520

MMR Research Worldwide (India) Pvt Ltd
C/O Awfis Powai, 6th Floor, Schindler House,
Near Main Street, Chemtex Lane,
Hiranandani Gardens, Powai,
400 076
Tel: +91 99 2095 1199 

MMR Research Worldwide (Pty) Ltd
21 Aurora Drive
1st Floor, Liberty Life Building
Umhlanga Ridge, 4301
Tel: + 27 31 830-5558

MMR Research Worldwide Brazil
WeWork Paulista, Av. Paulista,
1374 - Bela Vista,
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: +55 (11) 96915-5135

Moments of Truth, and How to Make Them Matter More


The ‘consumer journey’ is often talked about but rarely understood in relation to the human senses. And yet, unlocking a specific sensory attribute can hold the key to creating something powerful, as Andrew Wardlaw and Alice Barker discovered working in the World Foods aisle.


At a recent marketing conference, one of the speakers sought to flatter his audience by suggesting that the people in the room were the authority on how consumers experience their brands. Some hours later, one very brave brand manager stood up and said that, in all honesty, he didn’t have such vivid insight. He wasn’t even sure whether his brand experience was particularly cohesive either. There followed a collective sigh of relief as fellow marketeers acknowledged that they weren’t alone.


Most pack and product research still investigates out of context – in halls, online and with people literally wired up to machines. What is less common, is research that accesses the linear human experience at each successive real-world moment of truth.


As a direct response, Sensory Science at MMR has been innovating hard to take the clever stuff out of the lab. We want our clients to deliver innovation that sticks and we believe that the human senses has a key role to play.

So, when a European client approached us to help create a premium range in the world foods aisle, we asserted the need to go beyond liking and work out how the proposition could be more meaningfully distinctive across the entire consumer journey – starting with what happens in store.


To meet the brief, we developed an entirely new qualitative approach that we now call ‘Sensory Moments.’ Our proposal promised to inform on which sensory cues were required at each moment of truth to create a highly motivating and seamless human experience. In short, we wanted to find the golden thread.


We began by working with people who were attuned to the sensory aspects of the category. Ordinary in every way, except for a wonderful ability to notice the little things - and then use pithy and insightful language to explain. We captured what mattered across the ‘path to purchase’ and in home.


By following people through their purchase, preparation and consumption experience, we were able to identify a specific but very motivating sensory cue that could be used to power every aspect of execution. We had found the golden thread!


As we gathered a detailed understanding of each touch-point, we were able to inform and align brand and pack communications, pack structures, substrates and semiotics as well as guiding the sensory construction of the product itself to communicate the same message. The result was one meaningfully distinctive sensory attribute informing and powering multiple touch-points.

Rarely have we seen a client so excited by the power of something so nuanced.


Our experience in the world foods aisle has once again illustrated how the tiniest sensory detail can make all the difference. The Sensory Moments approach not only intersects and decodes moments of human interaction, but in the innovation game, it helps brand teams unite around a tangible sensory dynamic, thereby promoting greater synchronicity for the consumer.


Source: Andrew Wardlaw

'Fast becoming one of my favorite agencies to work with' - INSIGHT MANAGER, Diageo


'Working with a world-class organisation such as MMR has allowed us to develop a top-notch descriptive [sensory] panel that operated with flawless execution' - SENIOR SENSORY EVALUATOR, Boots 


'Thank you for the [consumer] workshops tonight. They went brilliantly. The recruitment was fantastic - I've never seen such great participants!! The sessions flowed really well and we got the depth we really needed' - SENIOR INSIGHT MANAGER - EUROPEAN INNOVATION, Kellogg's


'I feel they care, and that's what sets MMR apart' - SENSORY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE TEAM, Campbells 


'MMR is the agile research partner I've been looking for to provide a smart and efficient way to get clear and actionable results. Delivering speed, flexibility and expertise, the team listen to and work with you as a real partner.' - SENSORY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE MANAGER, Barilla

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