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Our philosophy is simple: if your consumers stopped and thought about your brand for just one minute, what would they say?

We are a team of experienced researchers who are responsive, challenging and commercially aware. What's more, we all have client-side experience, and that's what gives us the edge.

Drinks (Alcoholic), Drinks (Non-alcoholic), Durables/White goods, Electrical Goods, Finance/Investment – Personal, FMCG – General, Food, Retail, Sport/Leisure/Arts, Toiletries/Beauty Products
Creative development research, Depth Interviews, Diary Studies, Eye Tracking, Face-to-Face, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, In-Store Interviews, Online Communities, Qualitative, Recruiting
Advertising, Brand/Branding, Business-to-Business, Communications/PR, Concept Testing, Consumer, Customer Communities, New Product Development, Packaging/Design, Product Testing
Digital Consumers, High Net Worth, Mothers/Parents, Youth/Teens
Northern/Western Europe, Republic of Ireland, UK
Senior Contacts

Babita Aytain (Account Manager)
Anna Barnes (Research Director)
Claire Battye (Project Manager)
Rebecca Harries (Research Director)
Debbie Newbould (Managing Director)
Jemma Phelps (Research Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 1
Executive/Research staff: 5
Non-research: 1
Total Number of Employees: 6 to 10


1a Stratford Court
Cranmore Boulevard
West Midlands
B90 4QT
Tel: 0121 745 5109
Establishment date: 2003

Pizza Hut Restaurants: Letting the dough rise

The Pizza Hut recovery story is hailed as one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of the restaurant industry.   For fourteen years the brand had suffered decline.  In 2012 Pizza Hut Restaurants was on a precipice, lacking relevance with British diners it could have lost its place on the British high street.  In a last ditch attempt to save the brand, owners Yum! opted to sell the company to Rutland & Partners for £1 who promised to invest up to £60m. Three years later Pizza Hut has seen growth at three times the rate of the industry. 

It was clear what needed to be done; close loss making Huts, reduce discount levels, cut wasteful marketing: all measures within management control.   Increasing guest numbers and average spend were significant challenges which required leadership from Consumer Insight. 

A systematic insight programme was initiated and kicked off with a series of customer closeness programmes.  The first, with participation at board level sought to identify specifically what issues diners had with the brand.  Four barriers were identified:   ‘unclear brand identity’, ‘poor brand image’, ‘poor food perception’ and ‘falling saliency’. These spearheaded the brand strategy. 

Further closeness programmes considered the dining needs of families and Millennials.  Consumer Insight highlighted the gap between the Pizza Hut experience and customer needs.

A revitalisation strategy emerged with the largest task being the restaurant refurbishment program.  A thorough review of the food quality, menu structure and identifying and articulating a compelling brand positioning were needed.

Insight initiated business impact changing the business mind-set from short term, tactical thinking to long term strategic change.  

Following our research we see a brand that includes cocktail bars, has reconnected with its core family audience but also the important millennial crowd.  This has had a true impact of business success.

3 ½ years of consumer insight involvement has resulted in nine straight quarters of growth, company profits up 98% with the brand valued at £150m. 

Pizza Hut has transformed into a customer led experience based on a thorough understanding of their needs returning it to a credible casual dining concept once again with a bright future ahead.

Source: ONE MS

"It really gave us confidence in shopper decision-making knowing that ONE MS has been in store to observe real shopping behaviour, and being on hand to really understand the thought process of shoppers at the precise moment in which decisions are being made.  Furthermore, the shopper case studies and photos of the fixture really helped bring to life the research in the debrief, which was fantastic" 

(Tim Fieth, Marketing Manager, Bakkavor)  


"Some innovation research can often leave you with more questions than answers. This approach really illuminated our key territories for growth and has subsequently formed the backbone of our NPD pipeline.  What is particularly valuable is the ability to directly involve Brand, R&D and Category in the process.  Credit has to go to ONE-MS for their timely, concise and impactful debrief" 

(David Farmer, Insight Manager, Burton's Biscuit Co.)  

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