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Space Doctors

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Space Doctors is a Cultural and Creative Consultancy.

We transform brands and organisations by helping them connect and respond to cultural change.  We Create Meaningful Futures.   With critical thought and bold imagination, we reveal the impact of culture on your brands.  We bring clarity to tough questions. Illuminating new possibilities and paths forward.

We help businesses around the world solve their toughest questions through rigorous analysis, great conversations and playful provocation. 

We use Collaborative Intelligence - the best of human and artificial, to inspire and shape how brands show up in the world.  Our insights are unearthed through semiotics, cultural and social analytics, AI, ethnography, trends, design and consumer research to understand challenges deeply.

We inspire and shape how brands show up in the world through building activation strategies, storytelling, copywriting, visualizing, and developing creative platforms.

We have three offer areas that span the full breadth of the strategic lifecycle, from foundational insight through to targeted execution and activation:

1.   Master changing cultural contexts
Understand what the rapidly shifting worlds of global culture mean for your brand or business to open up future white spaces for product innovation, to enter new markets successfully, define new customer targets, and devise new experiences, both digital and physical.

2.   Tell more powerful stories 
Building fresh purpose, positioning and new cultural connections. Taking your brand or business from following cultural change to creating it.

3.   Activate with impact 
Activate impactfully by leveraging the most meaningful and appealing insights for your brand or business.  Verbal, visual, experience, and sensory signals form recommendations for content, packaging, product, experience, and services.  Rise above the noise to say something new, and say it with resonant, magnetic clarity.

Please get in touch to see how Space Doctors can create meaningful futures for your brand or business, or visit our website for more information.

Our specialisms

Central Government, Charities/Voluntary, Drinks (Alcoholic), Durables/White goods, Education/Training, Energy/Utilities, Environmental, Fashion/Clothing, Finance/Investment – Personal, FMCG – General, Food, Healthcare, Local Government/Local Authority, Nutrition, Online Retail, Pets/Petcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Technology, Wellness/Fitness
Advertising, Brand/Branding, Communications/PR, Consumer, Data Analytics, Emerging Markets, International, New Product Development, Packaging/Design, Trendspotting
Co-creation, Consultancy, Data Analytics, Desk Research, Ethnography, Face-to-Face, Focus Groups/Group Discussion, Market reviews and analysis, Qualitative, Semiotics, Workshops
Affluent/High net worth, Hispanic heritage, Parents of young children, Youth/Teens

Our people

Senior Contacts

Al Deakin (Director)

Cato Hunt (Director)

Gareth Lewis (Director)

Maya Madhusoodan (Director - Asia Regional Lead)

Dr Fiona McNae (CEO & Founding Partner)

Breakdown of Personnel

Executive/Research staff: 28

Non-research: 4

Total Number of Employees: 21 to 50


“The discovery of Space Doctors has been one of the highlights of my career – they are the 4th dimension in marketing. They have opened new ways of thinking about trends, positionings, segmentation and concepts. They call it semiotics but it’s more than that, it’s strategic creativity and executional innovation. My best memory of working with them was at the beginning of our partnership. While leading innovation for Ariel in Western Europe, I found myself with nothing in the pipeline. Turning to Space Doctors to inject some magic into the stain removal message was a great move – the initiative radiated success!”

Virginie Helias, WE Marketing Director, now Global Director of Sustainability, Procter & Gamble

"Space Doctors is the firm we go to when we need a broader, richer and more up-to-date perspective on key themes like innovation, productivity and empowerment.  The exploration of every new opportunity area for the Microsoft brand starts with an understanding of the current and future landscape and Space Doctors are always fundamental to this.  Time and time again, they have provided a rich canvas of meaning with which we have plotted where we want our brand to go and how we aspire to show up, in a way that's compelling and relevant to consumers and customers alike, and true to our brand's essence and abilities."

Susan Betts, Global Director of Microsoft Brand Strategy


“I have collaborated with the Space Doctors team for over 10 years. They have a unique ability to deliver masterful semiotic analyses and strong cultural insights to take us out of our comfort zone and stimulate ideation and brand building. I can confidently trace significant business successes to their insights and the new thinking brought by the team. They are client oriented - flexible in accommodating different needs/budgets and provide solutions that are right-sized and tailored to the business challenge. Space Doctors is an invaluable partner, who consistently and positively impact both our top and bottom line.” 

Katja Maggio-Muller, Associate Director, Consumer & Market Knowledge at Procter & Gamble  


“Space Doctors’ work for IHG over the last two years has been fundamental to the innovation process in the organisation. Their analysis of the changing codes of sleep in the US and China opened minds to ways of communicating in this space that wouldn't have been previously imagined. Their participation in creative collaborations with other agencies and the IHG team led to the innovative hotel room designs that the organisation is now piloting. And their ability to identify unique and actionable insights from across the globe has provided a wealth of ongoing inspiration for future innovation in the organisation.” 

Tim JonesVice President Global Innovation, InterContinental Hotels Group




Wilbury Grove
East Sussex
Tel: +44 (0)7867 554124

International Address

Space Doctors Pte Ltd
1 Sophia Road
5-23 Peace Centre
Tel: +65 9386 6264


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