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We specialise in employee engagement surveys, 360 degree feedback and customer satisfaction surveys, mainly for UK based clients, but with international fieldwork and data collection capability.

Our methods include quantitative online, telephone, face-to-face and postal surveys, as well as focus groups and depth interviews.

We also provide post research consultancy, action planning, implementation and change management support.

Accountancy, Energy, Finance/Investment – Business, Food, Government/Local Authority, Healthcare, Legal, Retail, Transportation, Wellness/Fitness
Consultancy, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, Mobile Web Surveys, Online Results and Data Portals, Online Surveys, Postal Research, Qualitative, Quantitative, Questionnaire Design, Report Writing
Analytics, Behavioural Analysis, Business-to-Business, Consumer, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Data Analytics, Employee Research, International, Multi-Mode Fieldwork
Senior Contacts

Daniela Felchero (Senior Project Manager)
Nisha Mynett (Senior Project Manager)
Colin Wheeler (Managing Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Total Number of Employees: 6 to 10


Causeway House
13 The Causeway
TW11 0JR
Tel: +44 (0)20 8943 1445
Establishment date: 1993

How We Develop Questionnaires

Developing the question set:

We have a well-established database of key questions that are regularly used and benchmarked in employee engagement surveys, to probe opinions on a range of topics closely related to the employment experience. The choice of topics and questions to be included in your survey comes from your requirements of the survey – we will recommend to you a draft question set based on our discussions at our set-up workshop, which we will then refine through discussion and agree with you. Question wordings can be tailored to suit your organisation and your situation – we also have extensive experience of question design where a specific issue needs to be explored.


Engagement Index questions:

Our approach is to measure the evidence of employee engagement derived from the results for four to six key Engagement questions. These would test employees’ advocacy for the organisation and its services, their commitment and intention to continue working there as well as measuring pride in their employer. We see positive answers to these questions as the outcomes of an employee being engaged. From the answers to these questions we derive an Engagement Index (EEI) and also segment the workforce into Engaged, Disengaged and Passive groupings.


Our engagement model has been used by all our clients since 2009 and it was built from research done by the CIPD and the Institute for Employment Studies (IES). It is tested and validated in every survey that we run. Our measures allow engagement to be both internally and externally benchmarked and analysed further to determine specific drivers. 


Drivers of Engagement:

The drivers of engagement commonly identified for our clients through statistical analysis are the other aspects of the employment experience which are explored using many of the other questions in the survey. The following topics are a few of the important influencers of employee engagement that we often see in the work that we do and would therefore advise that these are covered in the questionnaire:

  • Employee involvement – do employees feel that their views and ideas are heard and do they believe that they can make a difference and know what’s going on?

  • Feeling valued – this is also usually a strong driver of engagement

  • Job satisfaction – higher engagement levels are often seen where employees find their work interesting, can see its value and understand their contribution to the organisation. Scope for development and a good sense of wellbeing can also be important to this

  • Organisation culture – general openness, being supported and the absence of barriers to effective working (such as inadequate equipment and negative behaviours such as discrimination, harassment and bullying) will all help to promote a culture where engagement can flourish

  • Views of line management and Senior Management– are people trusted, involved, receiving both the support they need and feedback on their performance? Are employees confident in the leadership of their Senior Managers?

“We are seeing an improvement in employee retention driven out of improving engagement levels. The survey outputs have given us a clear focus on what we must get better at to make our teams happier and therefore more productive. The action planning process that we now use is accepted as a normal part of our day and keeps everyone's focus on our goals. They (Survey Solutions) are a truly great team! Flexible, passionate about what they do, happy to help with any last-minute change or query.  I’d highly recommend them". Majestic Wine

"Survey Solutions have proved themselves to be more than just a robust delivery channel for survey provision. They have become a dependable partner for the Nuffield Health organisation. They offer a valuable sounding board for bouncing ideas and sharing best practice, the result being a product now integrated deep in the fabric of our culture, shaped to the exacting needs of our stakeholders and to our bespoke business plans. I can only highly commend the team at Survey Solutions for their personable approach and their attention to each and every detail of the research process."  Nuffield Health 

"The reaction to the systems has been very positive, with quite a number of comments about the logical sequencing and ease of use. The workflow element of the systems has also aided efficiency, with good visibility of process status for both users and system administrators. With the support of Survey Solutions we now have a reliable software platform that allows managers and appraisees to focus on the quality of the performance discussion. The Survey Solutions team have always been very good at working in partnership with Infinis. They have proved responsive to our requests, clear in terms of project planning and delivery, and very supportive to our post-implementation service requirements." Infinis

"We have worked with the team on our last two Employee Opinion Surveys and feel we have found an ideal, long-term partner in Survey Solutions.  The project team took the time to really understand the nature of our business  and sector, as well as the goals we had for the survey project, and suggested a number of improvements we might have otherwise overlooked.The reports and analysis provided were outstanding tools that allowed us to drill down and identify the most compelling issues for us to target in the coming year." Port Of London Authority 

"Working with Survey Solutions to deliver BMiSay has been a seamless experience. We have been thoroughly impressed with the professional manner in which the project was run and the quality of the data has given us a much deeper insight into what we are doing well as an organisation and what we can be doing better. This allows us an opportunity to really get under the skin of the issues that affect the engagement of our staff." BMI Healthcare 

"Once again Survey Solutions provided a brilliant service, put me the customer first and delivered on time without any fuss. Our scores have increased and people are feeling more involved across the business and taking ownership for engagement. When we started this journey on engagement, people were sceptical about anonymity, but after the first year the proof was there that Survey Solutions protected everyone's views and scores with complete confidence and the value was added right there in the trust that was built. Fantastic Service - many thanks for making my life easy." Canopius  

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