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We are a full service research and brand development agency with a proven track record in strategic planning for world-class brands. We have people skilled in combining both traditional and innovative creative approaches working closely with clients to gather a deep understanding of their consumers, markets and brands.

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Mark Harvey (Joint Managing Director)
Lisa Ollerenshaw (Joint Managing Director)
Laura Scott (Operations Manager)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 2
Executive/Research staff: 10
Non-research: 1
Field interviewers: 300
Field managers/supervisors: 13
Telephone interviewers: 20
Telephone managers/supervisors: 2
Total Number of Employees: 11 to 20


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Tel: +44 (0)1271 337100
Establishment date: 1987

45 Fitzroy Street
Tel: +44 (0)207 100 6977
Establishment date: 1987

24 – 26 Regents Place
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Tel: +44 (0)121 369 6100
Establishment date: 1987

64a Cumberland Street
Tel: +44 (0)131 6107 100
Establishment date: 1987

Turquoise Becomes A Preferred Supplier To The National Trust

Having worked alongside the National Trust on a number of projects over the years, Turquoise is proud to announce it has been added to the organisation’s national agency roster. This will provide a great opportunity to strengthen the existing relationship and get stuck in to some exciting new projects, delivering full colour insights where they matter in the months and years ahead.

A successful working history

For an organisation like the National Trust, staying in tune with the opinions of the public in general and its members, in particular, is absolutely vital. The organisation does incredible work in preserving the nation’s cultural and natural heritage, but its continued funding is reliant on membership subscriptions and charitable donations. Turquoise has worked with the National Trust on several projects over the years to help the organisation understand how members and visitors feel about key issues. These include the following:

  • Gauging public opinion as to the introduction of a café at Dunster Castle, including an assessment of the impact on local businesses.
  • Field surveys into the acceptability of introducing car parking charges at Saltram House and Garden.
  • A range of studies at Killerton to understand the likely impact of essential renovation work on the overall visitor experience.
  • Several studies looking at visitor experience at various other National Trust sites

The wide range of sites and attractions that fall within the remit of the National Trust make this a unique organisation with which to work. The managers and volunteers involved in the projects invariably have a genuine and infectious passion for what they do, and there is always something special and out of the ordinary about the work.

Of course, the organisation has preservation and conservation as its primary goal. However, it is refreshing that at the same time, those involved genuinely care about delivering the best possible visitor experience. This means that National Trust properties and locations are more than just museum exhibits frozen in time – they are valued and enjoyed today as much as they ever were.

A range of research methods

Turquoise has had the opportunity to utilise a range of market research techniques while working on the projects mentioned above. These are, however, the tip of the iceberg and we can’t wait to get involved in some exciting new projects and utilise the various tools at our disposal. These range from the traditional, for example, face-to-face interviews with members, visitors and volunteers, to the latest tech tools.

An example of the latter is Turquoise Touchpoint, an innovative and fun way of gathering data quickly, in large volumes and at minimal cost. In essence, it involves gathering questionnaire data electronically by asking participants to complete an online form. That sounds simple enough, but the unique part is the Touchpoint Kiosk platform. This is a touchscreen mounted on a pedestal that visitors can use while passing through the facility itself. It is a great way to capture opinions “live” as opposed to asking someone to answer questions hours or days later.

National reach

To date, the majority of projects that Turquoise has worked on with the National Trust have been at properties in the south and south west, and were managed out of our Barnstaple facility. Of course, there are National Trust properties across the country, and our other regional offices, located at strategic points across England and Scotland, will be able to provide coverage whenever and wherever it is needed.

These are exciting times, and everyone at Turquoise is looking forward to developing a long and fruitful partnership with the National Trust.


Our relationship with Turquoise has spanned a number of decades. They know our business and the sector as well as anyone. Their work is a cornerstone of our business planning.

-Head of Customer Relations, South West Water


I have conversations with Turquoise that I don’t have with other agencies. They help me articulate the problem and potential solutions.

-Head of Research & Evaluation, Skills for Health


The fact that we still use the student segmentation model today that Turquoise first created for us in 2008 is testament to its insight and validity. We continue to value their approaches and ability to visualise important information.

-Head of Programmes & Insight, Middlesex University


A great agency providing robust and actionable results. We trust Turquoise to deliver the results we need and like the fact that they offer innovative solutions.

-Market Research Executive, Roche


Once you start exploring your customers to the depth that Turquoise do, you’ll never look at them in the same way again. Fresh thinking and sound data, a rare combination but certainly what I’ve experienced from Turquoise.

-Brand Research & Consumer Insight Manager, Citroen


Turquoise proved highly skilled at organising the project and executing all the different stages. The insights they delivered really helped us make the best decisions possible with confidence in the data. Thank you for all the hard work!

-Market Insight Office, Swansea University 


Turquoise conducted our first in-depth market research project. The results have been very thorough and have helped us to better understand our users and non-users and to plan how we can reach more people in the future.

-Communications & Marketing Manager, Libraries Unlimited 


Turquoise helped us get to the bottom of a tricky problem that was holding us back as an organisation. They were very responsive, professional and got to grips with our needs quickly, providing a rapid turnaround on the insight we needed. Their online data portal was also really useful.

-Digital Engagement Manager, National Numeracy 

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