MRS is committed to supporting members and championing the needs of the research sector during this health and economic crisis. 

You can find our guidance and critical third party resources which we will continue to add to as we monitor and respond to this fast changing situation.

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MRS is working with the Advertising Association (AA) on a weekly business tracking survey which will look at the business impact across the whole of the adverising and marketing communications sector. We hope to issue the first wave of the survey later this week. Research agencies across the spectrum of sizes and specialisms will be included in this activity to enable us to benchmark what is happening within research with other areas of advertising and marketing communications. The results of this survey will be shared with the research community via the MRS website.

  • MRS issued guidance on 6th March 2020 which set out best practice to enable face to face interviewing to continue during the early phases of the Covid-19 crisis.  This approach meant that interviewers would take steps to keep safe and healthy whilst interviewing but also allowed interviewers to continue to work during the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis. The guidance is here:
  • When the government announced it was ceasing to undertake f2f research (such as via ONS) on 17th March MRS updated it guidance to reflect the government's position, whilst continuing to provide guidance for those that still wished to undertake f2f research
  • MRS is convening its senior client council, made up of some of the most senior client directors in the UK to establish a better picture of client responses & to try and find some actions that can be jointly agreed.
  • MRS has contacted a wide range of Ministers and MPs to lobby for research and the need for income protection for interviewers.  An example is here:
  • MRS has signed on behalf of the sector the petition to extend government assistance to the self employed 
  • MRS is a member of the Advertising Association (AA) which represents the whole of the advertising and marketing communications sector.  The AA is supporting MRS' positon in all of its representations to Ministers and civil servants.
  • MRS has been a long-term supported of the Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA) and has encouraged research companies to send information about the MRBA to interviewers to raise awareness of support which is availble via this route.
  • As many interviewers are not MRS members we have put all guidance and information on the MRS website to enable anyone to view MRS activities.  We will continue to do this as our lobbying efforts intensify.
We want to share your stories

One of the most helpful things MRS can do at present is bring research practitioners together to share how to continue to undertake research successfully in Covid-Britain. If you have a story to share in terms of how you are changing your business processes, research design, or would like to discuss and seek solutions for other challenges you are facing in this new environment please contact us

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