Earlier this year MRS announced its intention to remove all MRS Covid-19 data collection guidance from 2023, if the conditions were suitable for such a decision.

Following an assessment of the current situation, MRS will be withdrawing the MRS Covid guidance from 1 January 2023. We are announcing it now to give you time to take appropriate steps to implement this decision.

Whilst the specific Covid-19 guidance is being withdrawn, practitioners must remember their overarching responsibilities to protect participants, interviewers and colleagues when undertaking data collection activities.

We recommend that practitioners consider the processes and protocols they introduced to manage the risks from Covid-19 and determine which they will retain to provide the protection and assurances needed to continue undertake data collection safely and responsibly.

If the Covid-19 situation worsens in the future, we may to have re-visit this decision. But we hope that after nearly three years since the mandatory guidance was first introduced, we are now in a position where it is no longer necessary.

Current Applicable Guidance
MRS guidance

For queries about the MRS Code or any of the MRS’ Covid-19 guidance please contact the MRS Standards Team via the MRS Codeline service


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