The members of the MRS FLEX Forum have put together a recommended list of external resources to assist during lockdown and more widely for building flexibility into your working life.

Coping in the crisis:

2to3days - Covid-19

Armstrong & Partners - Working in a hybrid world

New York Times - Feeling Blah During the Pandemic

Timewise – Six tactics to help inspire your remote team

Timewise – Problems we solve – covid-19

Timewise - Free covid-19 support programme

Returning to work:

4dayweek - Webinar: Productivity in NZ post-Covid-19

ACAS – Returning to the workplace

CNN - The pandemic forced a massive remote working experiment. Now comes the hard part 

Demos - The Nowhere Office

Make Work Better - 10 Stage Guide to Planning Your Return

Newsweek - Navigating the future of work in a work from anywhere era

Reuters - What will it be like when we return to the office?

Timewise - Toolkit for managers: From crisis to opportunity: Redesigning the workplace

Timewise - Toolkit for employees:Beyond lockdown: How to negotiate flexible working, for the long-term

Timewise - If hybrid working is the way forward, what's the office for?

Timewise - Memo to the C-suite: Flexible working isn't (just) an HR issue

Flexible working resources:

2to3days Blog

4dayweek - Podcasts

Ben - The ultimate employer’s guide to remote-first recruitment and hiring

CBI - Adapting to hybrid working, top tips for businesses

CIPD- Flexible working factsheet – Flexible working

Mindful Business Charter

Timewise – What is flexible working

WACL - Flexible First Toolkit

Working Families – Flexible working a guide for employees


Flex: The Modern Woman’s Handbook by Annie Auerbach

The Freelance Mum by Annie Ridout

Mumboss by Vicki Psarias

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon

She’s Back by Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan

Work Like A Woman by Mary Portas



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