Pioneered by MRS and supported in 2019/20 by Savanta, this initiative positions Intelligence Capital as a critical business investment, alongside financial and human capital.

In 2018/19 MRS, in partnership with Kantar, published a report outlining the theory of Intelligence Capital - see below.

In 2019/20 MRS has partnered with Savanta to develop the theory further. With an updated brief to make it more accessible and actionable, Savanta and MRS can build on the successes of the first report.

Download the report

MRS worked with Kantar to produce a report 'The Responsive Business: Creating growth and value through Intelligence Capital'.

The successful application of Intelligence Capital creates new value for the business in four ways: by unlocking new revenue streams; by strengthening brand value; by increasing speed to market; and by generating efficiencies.

Based on consultation with MRS members and the MRS Senior Client Council, and building on Kantar research, the report recommends a framework that puts research, insight and data analytics at the heart of business strat egy and makes the case for investment in the function now.

Click the link to download the report.

  • Intelligence Capital™ is a trademark of the Market Research Society

 How does Intelligence Capital deliver growth?


The Intelligence Capital initiative is sponsored by:


We all need intelligence to make better decisions. We believe that intelligence is an asset that should be used in every decision that a business makes, and we want to empower non-researchers to use it more.


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