At the core of Intelligence Capital™ is the belief that insight powers growth. The aim of this initiative is to prove it.

The concept

Within insight-driven organisations, insight drives growth, improves customer-centricity and reduces business risk. Insight interprets and aggregates increasingly fragmented information coming from the expansion of customer channels. More than that, great insight inspires.

In early 2018, MRS convened a group of client-side insight directors  to discuss a bold new concept for the sector: Intelligence Capital. 

As we enter this new phase 'Intelligence Capital', in which insight is integral, will become the third core requirement for successful business, alongside financial and human capital.

Jane Frost, chief executive


The plan

In the coming months, MRS and our sponsor, Kantar, will be producing reports, case studies and events on the theme of Intelligence Capital. With new materials and fresh thinking, including primary research on the economic impact of Intelligence Capital, MRS will continue its work to empower agencies and clients, and ensure that insight is an indispensable ingredient in strategic decision making.

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The Intelligence Capital initiative is sponsored by:

Technology and the big data it produces has changed research and insights massively in recent years and the change will only accelerate. At Kantar we are excited about this new reality and have been actively embracing it for several years now, investing in new methodologies, technology and analytics capability. We passionately believe that new and deeper consumer understanding comes from using new big data sources but using them in conjunction with better, mobile driven surveys and the deep human and cultural understanding of consumers that comes from great qualitative research.

In our view, the skills of the great insight professional to combine these disparate sources of data and turn it into a cohesive and actionable story have never been more important. Yet great insight professionals need to push harder to put themselves front and centre of business and demonstrate the value of their work. This is why Kantar believe Intelligence Capital is so important and why we are proud to sponsor it.

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