If you’ve successfully secured an interview for your dream job, you’re likely to be nervous. Follow our handy checklist for interviews to help guide you through the key success factors for securing the role.

Before the interview…
  • Identify key features of the role –use examples to match with your skills.
  • Think – why do you want this job and why this company?
  • Research thoroughly – the business & the interviewer.
  • Where are you going? Journey mapped?
  • What is the dress code?
  • Prepare in exactly the same way if it’s a phone/Skype interview and make sure you are in an appropriate location.

During the interview…
  • Listen to the question and answer the question specifically.
  • Be positive – verbally and through positive body language.
  • Be open and honest about successes and failures.
  • Build rapport.
  • Try not to be negative about a current or previous employer.
  • It is not always easy if you’re nervous, but try not to ramble!
  • Always have additional questions prepared.

Sell yourself…
  • Businesses want to hire passionate people who have a genuine interest in the job –show that in the meeting.
  • Note two or three major achievements – things that have directed the course of your career.
  • Talk about what skills you can offer that are directly relevant for this role.
  • Be open; they want to know who you are and why you want to join them.
  • Make sure you’re aware of their company values -and share yours.
  • ‘Close’ if appropriate –ask the interviewer about next steps.

Remote interviewing (interviewee)
  • Check that your tech works.
  • Set the scene – don’t have a distracting background OR distracting background noise and make sure you are dressed for an interview.
  • Behave like it’s an in person meeting but acknowledge that it’s not.
  • Prepare – thoroughly, key examples for the core parts of the role.
  • Listen – Clarify – Answer Clearly.

Relax, breathe… GOOD LUCK!



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