The future of research post Covid

Our CEO Jane Frost gives a personal on the impact of COVID on the sector and what needs to be done to help recovery.

MRS Industry Research on Covid 19

Research businesses in the UK have experienced significant declines in revenue due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, reveals research from MRS and Watermelon Research with sector leaders in April and May. 

Almost seven in 10 (68%) of the social and market research firms participating in the survey said their revenue had declined significantly since the start of the outbreak, while 19% had seen a slight decline. Most of the 176 MRS member businesses surveyed for the research (67%) anticipated that their revenues would decline by more than 25%, while 28% predicted a drop of 75% or their revenue to stop completely.

Smaller research suppliers have been hit hardest, the research found – micro-businesses (0-9 employees) were the most likely to say that their revenue would be down by 75% or stopped completely. Businesses with 49 or fewer staff and revenue below £5m were more likely to have experienced delays to client invoices being paid on time. The research also found that 60% of businesses had furloughed staff as a result of the outbreak.

Respondents were quite pessimistic about prospects during the next few months, with 69% very or fairly pessimistic about the next quarter (63% for the next six months). The outlook did improve slightly for the next 12 months – 41% were pessimistic, while 38% were fairly or very optimistic, but smaller businesses showed lower levels of optimism.

Hear Sinead Jeffries from Watermelon summarise the main findings of the research:

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