In addition to MRS standards, researchers should also be aware of other legal, ethical, professional and regulatory rules.

Other Professional and Regulatory Bodies

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Association for Qualitative Research (AQR)

Association of Users of Research Agencies (AURA)

Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) 

Children’s Ethical Communications Kit (CHECK)

Direct Marketing Association (DMA)


Social Research Association (SRA)

Government standards

Government Social Research - Ethical Assurance for Social Research in Government

The guidance sets out the key principles which should be upheld in the conduct of social research for government. The document was written in consultation with MRS and has been aligned with the MRS Code of Conduct.

Audit Commission

Directgov Government website, portal to all public services

Equality and Human Rights Commission Amongst other information it provides insight into categories for ethnic monitoring

Food Standards Agency covers research and labelling legislation, food handling advice

INVOLVE promotes public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research

Local Authorities Research & Intelligence Association (LARIA)

Local Government Association (LGA)

Local Government Improvement and Development  

Trading Standards Institute (TSI)

Public standards


Citizens Advice Bureau

Consumers Association (Which?)

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Academic Standards

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Research Councils UK

Sociological Research Online

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