The finalists for the best paper from volume 59 of the International Journal of Market Research have been announced:

In Consumer Co-Creation: An Opportunity to Humanise the New Product Development Process, Deborah Lynn Roberts and William Darler explore a new perspective in which consumers are ‘active’ participants in the design and development of new products, challenging the traditional model of NPD.

Are Interviews Costing £0.08 a Waste of Money? Reviewing Google Surveys for ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ Projects, co-authored by G. W. Roughton and Iain Mackay, investigates whether a ‘wisdom of the crowd’ approach might offer an alternative to recent political polls that have raised questions about survey data quality.

Robert East, Jenni Romaniuk, Nahul Chawdhary and Mark Uncles’s The Impact of Word of Mouth on Intention to Purchase Currently Used and other Brands measures how the impact of positive and negative word of mouth is related to the receiver's intention to purchase brands, using shift in the intention to purchase as the measure of impact.

The final paper, How the Linguistic Characteristics of a Brand Name can Affect its Luxury Appeal by Abhishek Pathak, Gemma A. Calvert and Elison A. C. Lim, investigates how different phonetic structures used in brand names affect their luxurious appeal.

Fellows and Certified Members can read these papers online today via the MRS website. Other Members can request copies by emailing

The winning paper will be announced at the MRS Excellence Awards Lunch on 8 June in London.

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