The powerful combination of big data and survey data that underpins Route’s out-of-home audience measurement


Route is the industry currency for out-of-home audience measurement, and the first such currency in the UK to harness the power of so-called “big data”. In fact, Route incorporates many different strands of data: including both passive and recall survey data, “big” behavioural data from a variety of third party traffic counts, and specially commissioned academic work into visibility.

This lecture will outline how the Route methodology harnesses the strengths of each dataset, including the challenge of combining very disparate datasets. High quality survey data provides context, and the opportunity to plan using demographic, lifestyle and behavioural targets. Third-party data on the volume of traffic offers a degree of granularity that would be impossible to achieve from the survey sample alone.

Route recently began a new contract with research supplier Ipsos MORI. We will outline key new developments to further enhance the granularity of the data. These include the introduction of multi-sensor meters which can track behaviour indoors as well as out, incorporation of ‘next generation’ traffic analytics in a further development of the big data solution, and extensions to the methodology to combine and model the data which will allow even more detailed analysis than has hitherto been possible.


6.00-6.30 – Registration and refreshments

6.30-7.30 – Lecture

7.30-8.30 – Drinks and networking


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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