The language of quantitative research – ‘Quantish’ – has long been that of forms, radio buttons and check-boxes. In a world of changing demands, this type of language is limiting what research can achieve. But by creating more compelling conversations, we can move quant research on from simply keeping score to providing strong commercial guidance.

What you’ll learn:

  • A fresh way of thinking about what a quant survey might look like
  • An insight into the current Quantish survey experience through the eyes of respondents
  • Practical examples as to how the language of quant research might be transformed
  • Evidence from the real world as to the benefits – creative, personal and commercial – that come from this fresh way of thinking

While respondents understand the (frankly peculiar) mode of communication in quantitative research, Quantish stunts real dialogue and expression.

This was less of an issue when objectives for quant were narrow and limited, but we now live in times of changing demands and growing opportunities. We are far more conscious of the world of distractions our respondents inhabit, as well as the need to address biases highlighted by behavioural economics. And we know that, so often, the key to discovery lies more in emotional rather than rational responses. Quantish is, therefore, inhibiting our understanding.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that focuses on framing questions in fresh, interesting ways and encouraging respondents to fully engage and come on a journey of self-discovery. It’s about approaching issues differently to uncover, by turns, ‘System 1’ and ‘System 2’ thinking.

In November’s Speaker Evening, Vaughan Flood draws on real examples, including the results of side-by-side testing that demonstrate how changing the language of research supercharges responses and engagement. He also shows how ad campaign tracking can be repurposed to enhance creative performance – in a case-study shortlisted for the MRS Jeremy Bullmore Award 2018 – and how using the right language can help sufferers of difficult and embarrassing conditions explore and better understand their feelings.

About the speaker:

Vaughan Flood studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University and then pursued a career in advertising, learning from many of the giants of FMCG marketing, including P&G and Kraft. He transitioned from planning into research and, in 2003, co-founded Voodoo Research. After a lifetime as a qualitative researcher, five years ago he saw the light and has since devoted his energies to the ‘qualification of quant’. In 2018 he established Flood & Partners to truly realise that vision.


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