Sensodyne’s clever use of insight to develop localised advertising has seen it achieve significant sales growth and record market share in South East Asia.

What you’ll learn:

  • Ways of localising global campaign ideas – cultural relevance is increasingly important in a globalised world
  • Good insight management, stakeholder collaboration and qualitative research practice examples
  • The heartening message that budget restrictions can lead to efficiency without compromising on quality
  • Being true to one’s brand when designing research is more likely to lead to great insight and greater brand growth


Hear the success story of Sensodyne’s insight-led approach to localising brand communications – an approach that has resulted in improved advertising performance, significant sales growth and record market share across South East Asia.

Sensodyne’s brand demonstrates authenticity – one of its core characteristics – by using dental experts speaking unscripted on TVCs. While a highly effective advertising model, competitors had replicated it, meaning Sensodyne had to find a way to develop even more authentic messaging for consumers.

Tooth sensitivity is a fairly universal problem, but its food and drink triggers are heavily influenced by cultural factors. So Sensodyne developed a bespoke insight process, ‘Ignite’, to help generate the emotional understanding, language and messaging to inform adcepts and enable a connection with consumers at a local level. All of this was achieved using clever techniques to minimise spend in a climate of restricted insight budgets.

The campaign launched in South East Asia in 2013 and resulted in record market share in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. It has since been rolled out in other emerging markets with similar sales impact, and has won the prestigious 2016 Grand Prix prize in the UK.


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